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DIY VS Professional Service

DIY (Do It Yourself) verses hiring a professional service is a question every bride asks herself as part of the balancing act of wedding planning. It is a balancing knowing where to spend your money and knowing what you are happy to do yourself. It can affect the amount of money spent, time, stress and so on. Today we will explore the pros and cos of both DIY vs professional service. Some of the findings may surprise you.

Advantages of D.I.Y

The obvious advantage of DIY is that you will save a lot on money. While this idea is very enticing for many couples, there are some cons to this. The questions you have to ask yourself are: What are you willing to do yourself? What are you willing to put up with? Will it really save you time and money?

A classic example is wedding invitations, we have so many clients who say that they willing to make all the invitations themselves to save money. They log onto Pinterest and see some amazing ideas and think “that looks so amazing I can do that myself”. While a simple task, it is very time consuming when you have to create it 200 times over. It can take a small team of family and friends 2 to 3 nights to complete on their own. A lot longer if it is just you and your partner. Not to mention multiple trips to the craft stores to buy more as you underestimate what you would use.

Disadvantages of DIY

Now, it does not always end well. Here at Pink Caviar Events, we have had to step in last minute. We have been asked to source alternatives and help brides out of a DIY hole.

DIY vs professional service: Cheers!


For example, we had a client that decided to forgo a professional photographer. She instead asked all her guests to take photos with their personal cameras and smart phones. While smart phones can produce some amazing photos and videos, there are 2 things that couples forget. A professional photographer will use a high end DSLR camera which is vastly superior to the latest smart phone.

A professional photographer will know where to stand, what to focus on and how to rally everyone together. They will know all the in-and-outs from years of experience that the average person. While your uncle Bill has an amazing HD video recorder he might have a shaky hand, stand off-centre and may not focus well. Of course, you will have lots and lots of photos and videos of your big day but they will more than likely be sub-par when compared to a professional photographer. That being said photos from your guests are a great way to supplement the photographers photos and videos.

DIY vs Professional Service – You Decide

There are some things you can do yourself for your wedding that are simpler than it seems and will save you a lot of money and / or add a special touch that you thought was out of reach. A good example is printing your own thank you cards.

Did you know that you can buy a colour laser printer for almost next to nothing these days?Just make sure you can set it to the paper size you want, use up the demo ink and you can have everything professionally printed for less than $150. If you don’t want to buy a printer, you could look into designing them yourself and have them printed at a local print shop.

Other examples are looking at one-off items that do not require having to be repeated over and over again, like welcome signs, DIY guest book or a handful of hand-crafted gifts for your bridal party.

The trick is to know what you can realistically do yourself, how much you are willing to put up with and time you are willing or able to spend on the DIY side.

Do need any help with planning your wedding? Feel free to check out our explainer video to see how we can help.

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