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Ask Emilie Wedding Blog Coming In 2017

Launching in 2017 is our new Wedding Blog, Ask Emilie. Here at Pink Caviar Events we get asked many questions from soon to be brides. They come from expos, clients and people who contact us because they just didn’t know who to ask.

Ask Emilie Wedding Blog

There are some amazing resources for weddings. While they cover 95% of everything you could ever want, its that 5% that you want answered. That’s why starting next month we are introducing our new Blog Series “Ask Emilie”. She has been a dedicated member of the team since she joined us in 2013. She has worked through the ranks and has become one of our most trusted, adaptive and amazing wedding planners here at Pink Caviar Events

Ask Emilie: Wedding Blog

Emilie is here to help 🙂

The questions Emilie will be answering in her wedding blog will be more detailed and intimate that our regular advice blog. You are able to ask us any question you like.

We will be giving advice to couples who are getting married in Australia or Australians having a destination wedding interstate or overseas. Too many times on other advice columns or web blogs, the advice is based on UK or US wedding blogs. Their information is relevant to their traditions and customs vary slightly which can cause problems down the line. A classic example is order of wedding speeches. In Australia the Groom traditionally goes last but in the UK the best man speaks last as shown here.

Emilie’s wedding blog will be tackling the more intimate issues of the wedding industry. We will cover any topic to help give some guidance. if you have certain family conflict / politics, non-traditional gender roles at weddings, financial questions, wedding styling or stuff that only an expert would know then feel free to contact us.

So if you are interested and have a question that you need a little help with? Fill out the form below to see how we can help on our Ask Emilie wedding blog. You can also email Emilie at and “Ask Emilie“!