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Wedding Guest Speech Guide With Examples

One question that comes to us from time to time is “Can guests speak at our wedding and how do we go about it?”. In simple terms, the answer is yes you can have a wedding guest speech/speeches. After all it is your wedding and you can have it how you see fit. While not […]

Bridesmaid Speech Guide With Examples

So you are a bridesmaid and want to give an awesome bridesmaid speech? Then you have come to the right place. These days everyone wants to speak at the wedding. Traditionally the groom, best man, father and mother of the bride would speak. However various members of the bridal party these days have decided to contribute […]

How To: Cringy And Worst Wedding Speech Guide With Examples

According to one study they found that wedding speeches are the most commonly talked about thing when people go home after a wedding. The study found 2 things. The first is that 95% of wedding guests will discuss the speeches. Secondly is that at least 50% of those people surveyed mentioned a bad wedding speech nearly ruined […]

Groomsmen Speech Guide With Examples

Almost everyone can speak at a wedding on the bridal table. This ranges from the groom, best man, bride, parents and so on… heck even the bridesmaids can host a speech as well. This then leaves one question… Do the groomsmen speak? Sure the best man speaks but what about the rest of this manly […]

Maid Of Honour Speech Guide With Examples

Congratulations you are the maid of honour (or matron of honour), and you have decided to give a speech. The Maid Of Honour Speech is entirely optional, and what makes it fun is that you do not have to do it alone. The Maid of Honour Speech is focused on the bride and from the […]

Bride Speech Guide With Examples

Being a bride, you have the option to do a speech at your wedding also know as a bride speech. In the past few years, it is becoming more and more common for brides to speak at their wedding. Good on you because it’s not compulsory and public speaking is one of the hardest things to […]

Father Of The Groom Speech Guide With Examples

Congratulations your son is getting married and you are speaking at his wedding and going to present a Father of the Groom Speech. Obviously you are proud and want to convey a heart felt speech to not just him but also everyone attending. We decided to write a how-to guide for a Father Of The […]

Father Of The Bride Speech Guide With Examples

Congratulations your little girl is getting married and it’s your time to speak on her special day. Below is how you can craft an amazing Father of the Bride Speech. Traditionally the father of the bride is the first one to kick off the speeches. This is then followed by the best man speech then […]

Best Man Speech Guide With Examples

Ahh, the best man speech… the speech which is guaranteed to be the most fun of all the speeches and get a laugh. Out of all the speeches, this one is the one people look forward to the most. Do not get me wrong as some of the others are generally more heartfelt and will […]

Groom Speech Guide With Examples

So you are getting married, and you have the task of speaking at your wedding (aka the groom speech)… because you are the groom of course. While there are different styles and formats to this, I am going to share (in my opinion) a simple, easy to follow guide that hits all the points needed. […]

Wedding Speech Handy Hints And Speaking Order With Examples

Over several years here at Pink Caviar Events, we have seen it all when it comes to speeches, specifically wedding speeches. We have witnessed speeches where the groom literally said “wooo I’m Freaking Married, get your drink on… wooo wooo” and passed out on the floor. Then to the opposite end where the speech went for […]