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10 Things Movies Get Wrong About Weddings (And TV as well)

It’s fun to go out and watch a movie, especially Romantic Comedies (IE Rom-Coms). While they are fun and we all have a laugh, unfortunately, they get many things wrong when it comes to weddings. Don’t get me wrong as many elements are correct. However, some are either exaggerated or straight out lies. While I […]

Star Trek Cocktails For Your Next Event

With the season 2 finale of Star Treks Discovery, we thought it would be fun to bring out a list of fun Star Trek Themed Cocktails for your wedding. Whether you or your partner is a Star Trek fan, you can easily add these drink to your wedding if you wish. What’s great about these […]

Doctor Who Cocktails For Your Wedding

With the up and coming release of the new season of Doctor Who and the new 13th Doctor starring Jodie Whittaker, we thought it would be fun to bring out a list of Doctor Who Themed Cocktails for your wedding. Whether you or your partner is are Doctor Who fans you can easily add these […]

Dangerous Duties Of The Bridal Party

When most people think of the modern day bridesmaid they often think of many things. Most of these would include dresses, drinking, hanging out with their friend on their special day and so on. However did you know that the origin of the bridesmaid had a more serious undertone. Many would consider these dangerous. These […]

Star Wars Cocktails For Your Wedding

In commemoration of today’s release of today’s movie release of Solo: A Star Wars Story we decided to get into the fun of it and inspire you with some Star Wars themed cocktails. No matter your love of Star Wars of the original series, the ‘never existing’ prequels or the new movies you probably have […]

What The Heck Is A Hucks Party?

What is a hucks party you may be asking? You may be thinking that your eye’s are playing tricks on you and you are thinking of a buck’s party but you would be wrong. A huck’s is a combination between a bucks party and a hens night (hence hucks party). They have been around for […]

Big Bang Theory Wedding – Sheldon & Amy Wedding Planning (SPOILERS)

The Big Bang Theory is in its 11th season, and Amy and Sheldon are finally getting married. Years of Amy working to inch her way into his heart slowly have finally paid off. As a result, they are now planning their wedding. I am not going to critique the episodes but rather look at how Sheldon and […]

How To Organise A Bucks Party

So you are in charge of organising a buck party. A night planned of good times, good drinks and good memories with family and friends of the groom. In itself it seems fairly simple to organise a bucks party. So to keep things as easy as possible we have collected tips and ideas from people […]