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Destination Wedding: Blue Mountains

Planning a destination wedding in the blue mountains sounds like a great idea. Its close to Sydney, it has that country feel to it and iconic locations such as the 3 Sisters. This will surprise some people but did you know that the Lower Blue Mountains is actually considered part of Metropolitan Sydney. This means that […]

New Zealand Destination Weddings: Other Places To Go

You may have read about our destination weddings more specifically our blogs on New Zealand destination weddings. We have covered areas such as Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown. That being said there are some unique places to get married in New Zealand which we will cover today. I am not talking about your typical tourist hot spots […]

Queenstown Destination Wedding

Queenstown is renowned for being the most beautiful city in New Zealand. No wonder many Aussies want a Queenstown destination wedding. Located on the lower half of the south island it is only a small town with a population of around 30,000 yet it attracts 3.3 million tourists per year. In fact it is so […]

Auckland Destination Wedding

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand with a popular of around 1.4 million people. It is often referred to as the Sydney equivalent with regards to culture and style.  This attracts many people from Sydney who are looking to have an Auckland destination wedding as it is similar yet different. There are many […]