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10 Things Movies Get Wrong About Weddings (And TV as well)

It’s fun to go out and watch a movie, especially Romantic Comedies (IE Rom-Coms). While they are fun and we all have a laugh, unfortunately, they get many things wrong when it comes to weddings. Don’t get me wrong as many elements are correct. However, some are either exaggerated or straight out lies. While I […]

Star Trek Cocktails For Your Next Event

With the season 2 finale of Star Treks Discovery, we thought it would be fun to bring out a list of fun Star Trek Themed Cocktails for your wedding. Whether you or your partner is a Star Trek fan, you can easily add these drink to your wedding if you wish. What’s great about these […]

Doctor Who Cocktails For Your Wedding

With the up and coming release of the new season of Doctor Who and the new 13th Doctor starring Jodie Whittaker, we thought it would be fun to bring out a list of Doctor Who Themed Cocktails for your wedding. Whether you or your partner is are Doctor Who fans you can easily add these […]

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Are you having a wedding guest book at your wedding? It is a great way for guests to leave the bride and groom a personalised message of wisdom, experience and well wishes. It is a great idea because it is a cost-effective and fun idea that everyone at your wedding can get into. They come […]

Traditional Wedding Entertainment – What’s Out There

There are a whole host of wedding entertainment ideas. They range far and wide of what is available catering to every style and budget. Today we will be looking at the more traditional wedding entertainment for your wedding guests to enjoy. Traditional Wedding Entertainment Ideas Photo Booth These days if you are at a wedding […]

Star Wars Cocktails For Your Wedding

In commemoration of today’s release of today’s movie release of Solo: A Star Wars Story we decided to get into the fun of it and inspire you with some Star Wars themed cocktails. No matter your love of Star Wars of the original series, the ‘never existing’ prequels or the new movies you probably have […]

Big Bang Theory Wedding – Sheldon & Amy Wedding Planning (SPOILERS)

The Big Bang Theory is in its 11th season, and Amy and Sheldon are finally getting married. Years of Amy working to inch her way into his heart slowly have finally paid off. As a result, they are now planning their wedding. I am not going to critique the episodes but rather look at how Sheldon and […]

Photo Booth Options For Weddings

While there are several types of photo booths available most people do not know the various options/types available. They just assume it’s a photo booth that it takes photos. Today we look at photo booth options and what is available so you know what to look for when you decide to hire one for your […]

How To Include People Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding

When you get married, you want everyone you know and care about to attend. Unfortunately for whatever reason, not everyone can attend, and this can be due to many reasons. Some reasons include you deciding to have a small intimate wedding, destination wedding, the reception or ceremony space can not physically handle all the people […]

11 Popular Wedding Cocktails

Are you looking for a signature cocktail for your wedding? We have selected 11 popular wedding cocktails for you to try out. Feel free to see which one is to your liking and feel free to customise it to suit your taste. While not important it is great to find a cocktail that not only tastes […]

How To: Create Your Own Signature Wedding Cocktail

Cocktails are great at weddings, they add this little bit of piazza and customisation through a tasty beverage. Most of the time, your reception may offer a selection of cocktails for you to offer guests but the simple fact is… they are common. Are you looking to create your very own and one of a kind signature […]