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Changing Your Last Name After The Wedding: Tips

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Many women change their name after they get married. If you are looking at changing your last name (maiden name) after your wedding check out these handy tips. Many women do not change their maiden name because they believe that it costs a lot of money or that it is too time consuming. These rumours were debunked in the blog post here. If you are ready to change your last name, check out the handy hints below to do it easy, fast and convenient.

Changing Your Last Name -Tips

Don’t Change Name Till After The Honeymoon

One of the most inconvenient things you can do is change your name directly after you get married. The majority of couples go on their honeymoon after they get married from 1 to several weeks (in general). But if you booked everything in your maiden name then travel while your documentation is changing then this can cause many complications.

Imagine if you booked a hotel room under (for example) Mr Jane Smith but by the time you get to you hotel you are Mrs Jane Thompson. The hotel will have different records and this can be a major inconvenience while travelling. Only if you are not travelling after you get married is it fine to do so straight away as you would have the time.

Make A List

This one will seem like a no brainer to some but make a list for all the records you want your name changed to. When changing your last name it is important to change it as efficiently as possible. Many brides will do it “on the fly” meaning when they remember a new item to change. This leads to gap and problems when trying to get everything finalised. Also it helps get through everything faster. While the list below is quite substantial there are possibly others that you may need to change.

  • Drivers Licence (Also E-Tag)
  • Passport (please note paragraph about drivers licence and passport)
  • Bank accounts (including Credit  & Debit cards)
  • Car insurance. This should be done as soon as possible after contacting the RMS
  • Internet, Foxtel, Netflix, Home Phone and Mobile Phone
  • Home and contents insurance
  • Health insurance & Medicare
  • Life insurance.
  • Investments and shares
  • Utilities such as Water, Electricity and Gas.
  • Voter Registration (Election Roll)
  • Loyalty clubs and memberships.
  • Local clubs & associations. (library, sports clubs, gyms).
  • Professional services. (health care professionals, accountants, lawyers). Change your name on your next visit. Proof is not usually required, but it’s a good idea to take your updated license or photo ID.
  • Professional organizations like your Workplace
  • Your children’s school (if applicable)
  • Voicemail

Update Your Passport & Driver’s License First (out of the list above)

The 2 most important documents to change your last name are your driver’s licence and passport. The reason for this is that for many cases you will use them as identification for everything else. Many institutions will ask for 100 points of ID and these will suffice. This is after you have after going to Births Deaths and Marriages to issue a name change with them.

Hyphens Cause Problems

So you have decided to hyphenate your last name. This is fine but everyone we know who has a hyphen in their name says that this causes a problem when they have changed their name. For some reason on many computer systems they have trouble inputting names with hyphens. Generally speaking once the name is in the system then everything is fine. If you have your heart set on changing your last name to include a hyphen then fine BUT have you considered having 2 last names without a hyphen It is the same name without the potential hyphen issue.

Work out how many copies of your marriage certificate you need

You are all set and ready to change your name at the RMS, Post Office and various other institutions. You will need to work out how many certified copies of your marriage certificate you will need. Firstly make sure every copy you have is certified as your copy on its own will not be enough. You will need to go to  a JP to have everything certified. Many shopping centers an libraries will have a free JP service. Also you can go to the Service NSW website and find a local JP here. As a tip always have more copies than you will need. You will never know when you require another copy, loose one or a document gets damaged.

Do It In One Hit & Set A Time Limit On Yourself

When a bride decides to change her maiden name, some do it in bits and pieces. There is quite a lot of documentation to change and it is a good idea to take the tips above such as making a list of all services. Once the list is complete, organise the main ones (driver’s licence and passport). Next, set time aside on one evening and change everything you can to the best of your ability. You will be in the zone and many services can be changed online. Especially non government services.

When changing your last name it is important to change it as efficiently as possible. set yourself a week or 2 to just get this done. This of course depends on your time availability but the sooner you start this, the sooner it is finished. The longer you leave it the more you will forget to change your last name in certain places.

Changing Your Last Name: The Sooner You Finish,  The Sooner Its Done

The one thing about this is that once it is done then it is done. Changing your last name will only take as long as you want it to take. Half the battle is just sitting down and getting it organised and filling out the change of name forms. Once it is done you can finally officially call yourself the new Mrs What-Ever-Your-Name-Is.

Are you considering changing your last name after you get married? Join the discussion and comment down below 🙂

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Charli Smith
Charli Smith
2 years ago

We’ have been planning a late August Wedding. It’s getting down to the wire here and I was hoping you guys would have some good tips for keeping costs down, or making the day extra special.