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Chinese New Year 2019: Year Of The Pig – Earth Pig 新年快樂

Happy Chinese New Year – 新年快樂 (On Tuesday 5th February 2019 that is) or the more popular 恭禧發財which means to have a prosperous new year. This year (2019) marks the year of the Pig. Specifically speaking, it is the year of the Earth Pig. In celebration of Chinese New Year let us take a look at the people who were born in the year of the pig and who they are compatible with (and not so compatible) for a love match.

Year Of The Pig: Earth Pig

Chinese New Year – Year Of The Pig 2019

In China, the pig is not considered an intelligent animal as pigs sleep a lot, they love to eat and are also fat. As a result, these are features which are seen as being careless, lazy and clumsy. The redeeming features of the pig are that they tend to behave themselves; they go out of their way to not harm others and can bring wealth/prosperity to others. Therefore the pig is regarded as the Chinese zodiac of wealth.

People who are born in the year of the Pig are thoughtful, responsible, have an optimistic attitude and are self-sufficient. They are always generous and are very forgiving of other peoples mistakes/indiscretions. The drawback of people born in the year of the pig is that they tend to be lazy and can lack initiative. The reasoning is that people can easily take advantage of them due to their laziness.

People born in the years of the Earth Pig are thought to have a thoughtful and very kind and caring nature. They are also considered to be practical and realistic. One thing that the Earth Pigs are known for is they will go out of their way to help and please their co-workers and bosses in any way they can.

The Earth Pig is good at planning and putting events, parties and functions together. They tend to spare no expense and plan every detail on the most rigorous schedule to make sure it all goes to plan. The Earth Pig will generally have an extensive network of friends because of their sense of humour. As a result of also being social, they love to attend events, parties and other social occasions.

Lucky Things For People Born In The Year Of The Pig

  • Colours: grey, brown, yellow and gold
  • Days: 17th and 24th of every Chinese lunar month
  • Direction: southwest and east
  • Flowers: daisy and hydrangea
  • Numbers: 2, 5, 8, and numbers containing those numbers such as 28 and 52)
  • Months: the 2nd, 7th, 10th, and 11th Chinese lunar months

Below is a list of the pig years with their element and characters:

Type of Pig

Year of Birth

Wood Pig 1935, 1995 Good-natured, delightful, easy-going, unselfish, courageous but can be irritable
Fire Pig  1947, 2007 Driven but impatient
Earth Pig  1959, 2019 Loves to talk with others, a favourite among their friends/colleagues and likes to be punctual
Gold Pig 1971, 2031 Open-minded, friendly, and happy to help others
Water Pig 1923, 1983 A gentle soul, humble, determined, reliable, but has particular views in life

Year Of The Pig Element
04/Feb/1935 to 23/Jan/1936 Wood
22/Jan/1947 to 09/02/1948 Fire
08/02/1959 to 27/Jan/1960 Earth
27/Jan/1971 to 14/02/1972 Metal
13/02/1983 to 01/02/1984 Water
31/Jan/1995 to 18/02/1996 Wood
18/02/2007 to 06/02/2008 Fire
05/02/2019 to 23/Jan/2020 Earth
23/Jan/2031 to 10/02/2032 Metal
10/Feb2043 to 29/Jan/2044 Earth

Year Of The Pig

Male Pig

Male Pigs are relaxed, happy, mild-tempered, agreeable, empathetic and driven. They show unique and deep/insightful perspectives/views for many things. Male Pigs are friendly and tend to be giving. They do not argue a point to exhaustion and forgive others for an honest mistake. Earth Pigs are enterprising and always wanting to participate in various projects/activities and give 100% in whatever they do. Men born in the Year of the Pig can be manipulated and taken advantage of due to their trusting nature.

Good Partners for Male Pigs (Pig Men)
  • Tiger: They are considered to be ideal partners. Both Tiger and Pig tend to have enough understanding, patience to deal with the difficulties of life in general and also in married life.
  • Rabbit: They both have considerate personalities which can make the marriage more understanding and smooth than other matches. As a result, they seldom fight as they both try to be agreeable.
  • Rooster: They work well together in business/careers and also marriage. They do not ignore family/friends when they are busy and will always make time for them. As they have a strong connection to family, it will help their marriage last.
Bad Partners for Male Pigs (Pig Men)
  • Ox: They do not have any common interests, passions and values in life. This leads to arguments, fights and tension. They want to be the one in control of the relationship/marriage. When they fight, they tend to use words to hurt each other’s feelings instead of trying to work things out.
  • Dragon: The pig is considered too considerate, and the dragon is careless. This means as one is always making mistakes, the other while thoughtful does not try to improve their partner. In the long-term, this couple is not suited for each other.
  • Snake: Snakes have a high-end lifestyle, and they also see the shortcomings of their partner. As male pigs are relaxed, this means that the female snake is always putting pressure on them to improve and achieve more. However, a male pig is not ambitious by nature and this match will not result in a happy marriage.

Female Pigs

Females Pigs are very optimistic by nature. They do not have high standards for material things and only want friendships, peaceful life and kindness. Others can easily trick female Pigs as they are very trusting. However, they do not like to blame others and can pretend as though nothing happened to make sure there is no confrontation and let things be. This makes many people think that Pig women never get into any conflict or have any issues.

Pig women are passionate and enjoy various types of activities. Honest and straightforward as they are, they do not like to get into fights or make enemies. Pig women are not calculating or manipulative and are generally deep and thoughtful philosophically speaking. They also have a generous approach to life. Female pigs are very funny and act with grace and charm, which is why they are always invited to parties.

Good Partners for Female Pigs (Pig Women)
  • Horse: They both have strong family values that are loyal to their families. When they get married, they do not put themselves in a position to jeopardise their marriage. Their values focus around family and keeping it together. They will also work together to work through any difficulties.
    Sheep: This partnership will only result in a few arguments or issues in marriage. They generally keep things in a relaxing and harmonious environment. Sheep Men are romantic and have a creative mind to keep the romance alive in their relationship.
    Dog: Both dog men and pig women can live with each other peacefully. While there are some differences, in dog men it makes them want to know their partner more. They understand each other’s shortcoming and are forgiving in that way. In this relationship, they view their significant other as perfect.
Bad Partners for Female Pigs (Pig Women)
  • Monkey: They are not trusting of their partner. There is a lot of misinterpretations and doubts which can make the relationship change towards a negative direction. They are both generally busy and do not communicate often. As a result, they do not know each other when they do try to resolve things which causes a lot of problems.
  • Rooster: Roosters always plan ahead and are forward-thinking. A Rooster desires to be in control can make others uncomfortable. That said due to the Female Pigs being very forgiving means that the male rooster/female pig relationship has a small chance to work and be lasting.

Whatever your sign, from all the team at Pink Caviar Events! Happy Chinese New Year and have a great Year Of The Pig!

Happy Chinese New Year 新年快樂

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Are you born in the year of the pig or earth pig? Do you find yourself attracted to a specific Chinese horoscope type? Let us know and join the discussion and comment below 🙂

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