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Different Types Of Wedding Bouquets

Bouquet Types: Posy Bouquet

When a person thinks of a bridal bouquet they often thinks of a bunch of fresh flowers that are fragrant and look amazing. But did you know that there are alternatives to the traditional flower bouquets? In fact there are many different types of wedding bouquets. Many people think that when they see a bride walk down the isle that they are fresh and real flowers. But in reality it may be a very different story.

Different Types Of Wedding Bouquets

Today we look at the different types of wedding bouquets that are not made from real flowers but other things. These bouquets range from realistic-looking synthetics to the one you can eat and even pop amongst others.

Synthetic Latex Flowers

Most people would be surprised by this, but artificial latex flowers look and feel real. They are genuinely surprised the first time they gaze their eyes upon them (even I was fooled). Do not think $2 cheap fake flowers; latex flowers are in a different league of their own.

The advantages of synthetic latex bouquet are that they come in a vast array of colours and flowers to choose from. As they are fake, they can be used all year round. They can also be used at your wedding when that flower would be out of season. Synthetic latex flowers are pretty tough and do not damage as easily as regular flowers as they do not easily crease. The other advantage is that they do not wilt throughout the night. They are also cheaper than regular flowers.

The only downside would be that they do not make it for every single flower in every combination. If you are looking for something that is not as popular, then they may not make that flower. If they do, it may not be in the colours you desire, and you may have to resort to a custom mould which can cost quite a bit. All that aside latex flower makers cater to virtually everyone so your chances are more than great at finding something to suit your specific taste.

Swarovski Crystal Bouquet

These crystals look amazing and did you know that you can have an entire bouquet made of them. It is quite a sight to see someone holding an entire bouquet with these crystals glistening in the sun, reflecting and refracting off everything. These crystals come in all shapes, sizes and colours. There are, however, two downsides. Firstly they are VERY HEAVY and can easily weigh in over 1.5kg. These bouquets are generally smaller in size due to their weight, and while initially, they are not heavy, after a while they can take a toll on one’s stamina. The other issue is the price point as there are quite a lot of crystals used to make an entire bouquet. One popular option is to accent your bouquet with these crystals to make your real or synthetic flowers pop.

Balloon Bouquet

Do you have an inner child that wants to come and say hello on your wedding day? Are you looking for something to show off your fun side? How about a balloon bouquet that is entirely crafted, positioned and shaped with balloons yet are in the shape of a bouquet. You probably think that these balloons will pop easily, just like normal balloons. These special balloons are made for extra special occasions are made from stronger material, so they are not easy to pop. Another option is to have a bunch of balloons tied to your hand and instead of having to carry around a bouquet, they gently float and do not weigh you down.


Candy & Cookie Bouquets

Did you know that most brides never eat till their reception which is generally around 7 pm? If a bride does have something, its generally only a coffee. What if you could carry on with your wedding duties and eat at the same time, how you ask? By having an edible bouquet. These are the tastiest of all the different types of wedding bouquets discussed today. As some brides do not eat all day, check out our bridal breakfast hamper (which includes early morning delivery).

Candy Bouquet

These tasty bouquets are made from the most delicious of treats: candy. Generally speaking, they are an arrangement of various candies and chocolates. These are wrapped up in cellophane which comes together to create an edible floral arrangement. The entire bouquet can be made from candy or used in conjunction with real flowers. The only downside is that if it is a hot day, then the candies will melt (which can be ok if they are still wrapped). If the thought of carrying around candy all day doesn’t sound great, consider having a candy buffet instead.

Cookie Bouquet

Almost identical to the candy bouquet except for one noticeable difference which is that the bouquets are made from cookies and not candy. The one advantage of this bouquet is that unlike its candy counterpart, the cookies do not melt (unless you have something like chocolate chip and the chips melt). There are two drawbacks; firstly because cookies are generally brittle, they can break if you drop the bouquet. Secondly, as they are cookies (unless there is some packaging), you can get cookie crumbs all over you and in your dress. If you are wearing a big dress, then the last thing you want is tiny cookie bits in places you can no reach until you take your dress off later.

Material Bouquet

Do you love lace? Flaunt Flannel? Prefer Paper? Perhaps you would rather choose cotton? While that was puntastic, the fact remains that you can create amazing DIY bouquets. You can also hire a pro for that extra tricky or special touch. Brides have created the most beautiful bouquets from other materials such a leather, cotton and even broken vinyl records constructed into the shape of bouquets.

Are you looking for a wedding bouquet and having trouble deciding? Contact Pink Caviar Events today to see how we can help you with your wedding. We can show you many different types of wedding bouquets to suit your style. Check out our Facebook or Pinterest page for more inspiration.

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What type of wedding bouquet are you looking at having? Are you looking at having something traditional or different? Join the discussion below and let us know 🙂

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