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The Hidden Costs Of A Backyard Wedding / Private Property

Backyard WeddingWith the rising costs of weddings, people are looking at ways to keep the costs down. One way is the idea of a backyard wedding. For some this is not plausible as they may live in the city and have very little space. While the idea is becoming ever popular, the fact is that it is not as cost effective as people believe.

Backyard Wedding Hidden Costs

If you have a large family property and you have your heart set on it then go for it. Especially if it has sentimental value. But I am talking to people who are doing this purely for the cost savings. According to the Easy Weddings 2016 Wedding Survey, they brought to light some interesting figures. For the purposes of this blog, I will be focusing on NSW figures as we are based in Sydney CBD.


Hiring caterers is a must unless you are planning to have the entire family cook everything for you. The average cost of caters in NSW for 2016 is $8,995. The great thing for this option is that you can have any type of caterer you want and not limited to a traditional venues menu. For example if you are looking for Indian, Chinese, Vegetarian, Buffets and so on you can have culturally specific caters to cater to your guests.

If you are planning to have a backyard wedding then you will also have to hire in equipment. Items like chairs, tables, marquees, lighting, staging and so on are what is traditionally hired. The average price for hire in NSW for 2016 was $3,685.

If you add the price for catering and wedding hire then it comes to $12,680. For 2016 in NSW the average price for a venue is $13,815. While it is $1,135 more expensive there are benefits to be had. A good example is that food is included and that the venue would already have the facilities such as chairs, lighting and so on. They also include staffing and the convenience that all is being planning without you having to watch over or worry about everything.

Setting Up

The other issue is that for your backyard wedding, your house will become a mini construction zone leading up to the wedding and afterwards. You will have suppliers coming in and out setting up various things such as marquees (on the chance it will rain), measuring and so on to get everything perfect. You may also have parking issues with people constantly coming in and out.  This will also include your guests on your wedding day trying to find a spot not too far away. Will there be enough street parking for everyone? You may have to clear out some of your items to make room for the event, not to mention the possibility of recreating the space and the cost associated with this. This could be in regards to levelling the pavers, polishing the deck, trimming the plants or even planting new ones.

Keeping The Peace

Are you in good terms with your neighbours? If you plan to have your wedding party into the night, what about noise levels? While your thinking “but its my wedding”, Marge next door who is 87 is thinking “what’s that ruckus, I will call the police because I can’t watch Dr Phil”.

Lastly your house and backyard will be a mess from the party for days. This is all while you try to clean it up. Sure the suppliers will do their best to take all their equipment away but unless stated in the contract, they are not your cleaners.

While a backyard wedding does have cost saving benefits, there are many benefits to have it at a traditional venue. Sit down with your partner and work out what is best for you both.

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Are you considering or have been to a backyard wedding or private property? What are your thoughts? Join the discussion and comment down below 🙂

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