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How To Prevent A Bucksjack

So you are all set for your bucks party or hens night. Everything is going awesomely when all of a sudden your future bride or groom rocks up. Either on their own or they have dragged the whole party over. When this happens it is called a Bucksjack. The corresponding bucks party/hens party infiltrate the other group. They force themselves into the other parties’ night of activities. Today we look at how to prevent a bucksjack, hens party infiltration or an unauthorised grouping of parties.

Why A Bucksjack Happens

While there is no set reason it generally boils down to 2 reasons. Firstly it is because the bride/groom wants to see what the other party is up to. So due to a niggling sense of paranoia that creeps in during the night the bride/groom want to see their respective spouse. Are they with strippers? Is he making out with a random girl at a bar? or Is she dancing too close with that guy on the dance floor? The mind wanders and assumptions are made. So they want to find out so badly they are willing to ruin their own party to crash the other.

Hi honey I’m here!

The second reason is because of the couple just like hanging out with each other. I was actually at a bucks party where this happened. The bride and groom had their hens/bucks on the same night. They kept texting each other during the night and they ended up coordinating to swing both their parties to a specific pub so they could meet up. While it is their party, guests from both sides were a little uncomfortable, stating “this isn’t right”.

How To Prevent A Bucksjack From Happening

So you are the maid of honour, best man or just do not want your significant other crashing the party. There are a few ways to prevent this from happening. If someone wants to track you down on your bucks or hens then there is really no stopping them. That being said we can either convince them to change their mind or slow them down from doing so.

Remove Phones communicate through the best man

One great method is to ask the groom/bride to hand over their phone. Officially state the groom and bride are not allowed to communicate during the evening. While it can be allowed that the best man/maid of honour be allowed to send each other a message if needed it must be screened first to not give away any locations, mention of activities or any lovey-dovey stuff.

Disable “Find My Friend”

I know couples who have iPhone’s “Find My Friends” or the equivalent android app “Android Device Manager” to show your location to select people. Make sure the groom/bride has this disabled or their phone is switched off. The last thing you want is for the party to be tracked down in real-time. Turning off the phone or disabling this app, gives you the ability to relax and know you are not being watched.

Work with the maid of honour and vice versa to have strict rules

The best man and maid of honour should have a quick chat and set up some ground rules. Without giving any of the respective parties away you can work together to prevent cross-party communication. Also if you know you have a jealous bride/groom then by setting up rules in advance you can pre-empt this and prevent a bucksjack from ever happening

Keep the buck/hen out of the loop so they can’t divulge the plans

All being said and done the best-kept secrets are from one’s self. If you hint what the plans are then their spouse could potentially work it out. But not telling them then they will have the pleasure of being surprised on the evening (which is what is traditionally done). This limits the spouse from working it out if she intends to crash it.

Fake Plans

This option is a little more deceptive but hint or mention places of the party that you are NOT going to. For example, if you are going to Kings Cross, say you are going elsewhere such as the CBD, Newtown or Surry Hills. This is to throw the scent off if your intended partner was to crash the party.

Meet At The End Of The Night

This isn’t technically a way to stop it from happening but rather a way to minimise the impact. If the hen’s night at the same time and it happening in the same area then it may be acceptable to meet towards the tail end of the night. The reason is that many of the people from both parties know each other (or in relationships). It may be a strategic way to calm your future partner’s nerves. You WILL meet but it is minimised as to not disrupt the festivities. Also, as mentioned some of the bucks and hens may be in relationships. By meeting at the end they can drive off together and a few other practical aspects.

You Got Bucksjacked!

So even with your best efforts, the party has been crashed by your future bride/groom. Even still there are many ways to handle this if a bucksjack does occur. A lot of this will have to do with how far into the night this occurred, the location the party is at in so on. If it occurred towards the end of the night such as the point mentioned below it can be an advantage. This actually happened in a bucks party I once attended and turned into a hucks party. It actually worked out quite well because it was at the end of the night, everyone knew each other and many were in relationships from both sides of the party so it was very convenient.

If this happened way to early then you can always send out the best man to have a talk to the other side, as a third party. Generally speaking, full-on bucks/hens crashes happen in movies so generally speaking it is nothing to worry about. If it does happen then there is more than likely some deep-seated issues that need to be addressed.

Final Thoughts

While it is fun to have your bucks/hens party, the last thing you may want is to turn it into a hucks party. If you would like any assistance for either planning or assistance in preventing this bucks jack from happening call or email us today. Perhaps one of our event planning services is just what you need to prevent a bucksjack from happening.

Have you ever been involved where the hen’s crashed the bucks or vice versa? Are there any other suggestions you would like to add? Join the discussion and let us know in the comments below 🙂

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