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Traditional Wedding Entertainment – What’s Out There

There are a whole host of wedding entertainment ideas. They range far and wide of what is available catering to every style and budget. Today we will be looking at the more traditional wedding entertainment for your wedding guests to enjoy.

Traditional Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Photo Booth

These days if you are at a wedding there is a 1 in 3 chance you will see a photo booth. They started to take hold in 2009 and have remained a constant favourite ever since. They range from your traditional enclosed booth, open-air booth, mirror booth, and so on. Some only take photos while others also upload online during the event.  They make a great and fun addition to any wedding. We also have an open-air photo booth, check it out!

Sexy Photo’s Are Taken With An Open Air Photo Booth

Singers / Live Band

A live band/singer adds a touch of class during any event. Ranging from solo artists to a complete orchestral and specialise in many genres of music. Many are even culturally dedicated, for example, if you are from China, then they would play a mix of traditional and contemporary Chinese music at the reception. In some cases, the lead singer can also double up as an MC. Singers / Live bands are great because they can take requests and you can hear your favourite song played live instead of on your iPod / Smart Phone.


Do you like a particular style of dance. Perhaps you have a favourite music video you would like recreated at your wedding reception. You can do this by either hiring a professional dance troop or just the bridal party. Just like singers / live band, there can also be culturally specific dancers. For example, with Mauritian weddings, having Sega dancers is a popular option.

Lawn Games

If you are hosting an outdoor wedding or there is room outside the reception (preferably with a lawn), then you can have some fun in the sun. Popular wedding games like giant Jenga and bocci make for some fun times. What is great about lawn games is that they are all-inclusive as they are for young and old.


Poof and the ring is gone” some wedding magicians will say. No matter how old you are people still enjoy magicians for the mystery to work out how they did it, it’s always fun. There are your traditional magicians or the more contemporary street magician types. They can be performed through the night or as a single act.

Dessert Bar / Candy Buffet

Do wedding guests like to eat; the answer is obviously yes. A dessert bar/candy buffet allows you to create/build your own dessert and is a fun experience. Candy buffest/dessert bars can be in conjunction with a served dessert or instead of a traditional dessert. Imagine being able to create your dessert to your own taste. Want more chocolate then add more chocolate. If you do not want caramel, then you don’t have to have any. You can also create a dessert bar to match your wedding colours and theme.

What is your favourite traditional wedding entertainment idea? Are there any you think should be on this list? Let us know and join the conversation down below 🙂

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