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Types of Photo Booths

(Last Updated On: 27/09/2018)

Photo Booths have been around for almost a decade here in Australia. They have grown in popularity and this trend is not going away any time soon. As a result there are many types of photo booths that have appeared on the market. Today we are looking at the different types of photo booths that have evolved over the past few years.

The Many Types Of Photo Booths

Traditional Photo Booth

Most people think of the traditional photo booth. This consists of an enclosed photo booth that many people have seen in shopping centres. These were made popular (pre wedding photo booth craze) by being used for easy access photos for passports and photo ID.

These days for weddings and events, they are portable and have been modified to take many photos. They are delivered in photo strips or photo cards.

  • Great with lighting as it is in an enclosed environment.
  • Easy to identify with guests as they are the most easily recognisable.
  • The maximum number of people you can fit into the booth at the same time is 2-3 people (4 can be a massive squeeze)
  • Many operators use webcams as its easier to control the lighting an conditions. While they can produce good shots they produce sub-standard photos compared to DSLR photos.
Types of Photo Booths: Traditional Photo Booth Enclosed
The Sexy Traditional Photo Booth


Instagram Booth

Out of all the types of photo booths this one is the most unique. The instagram booth works off your smart phone. The way that these instagram booths work is as they are implied – by using instagram and a local printer.

You will create a hashtag, for example “#janeandjohngethitched2019 and then share it with your guests. The instagram booth will constantly search Instagram for the specific hashtag and print out the prints during the event.

  • Guests do not need to line up to take a photo and can take a photo anywhere from their dinner table to out and about during bridal party photos.
  • Anyone with a smart phone can use it.
  • People who do not use Instagram (especially older people) may not have a smartphone let alone an instagram account and therefore would not be able to use the booth.
  • These booth generally print out 120-180 photos per hour and may not be instantaneous. If there is a large queue of photos (especially towards the end of the night) some people will not have their pictures printed.
Types Of Photo Booths: Instagram Booth
The Fun Instagram Photo Booth


Mirror Booth

The mirror booth is a relatively new idea in the photo booth realm and came about late 2016. In simple terms it is a reflective mirror that is designed like a mirror (think snow white and the magic mirror) that takes full length photos.

It is generally more compact and similar to an open air photo booth (mentioned below).

  • New and different concept
  • Takes up much smaller space than any other physical booth and can be placed virtually anywhere.
  • They are generally designed to be leaned against a wall. While not a bad concept it limits positioning.
  • The camera is generally taken mid height (roughly 1 metre). This means that slightly tall people have to crouch down quite a bit.
Types Of Photo Booths: Mirror Booth
The more modern mirror booth

Open Air Photo Booth

The open air photo booth has been around for a while. The main difference between this and the traditional photo booth is that they are not using an enclosed environment. This means that they are using (as the name suggests) the open environment to their advantage.

  • As the photos are in an open environment, they are great for larger groups of people. For example we have our own open air photo booth and have a record of 15 people in one photo.
  • While some consider photo bombing a negative, they tend to be the more hilarious photos at any event. The ability for the guests to not only watch BUT jump into any photo as it happens is a great way to have more spontaneous and fun photos.
  • As the photo is taken in an open environment, the photos taken by an open air photo booth use DSLR Cameras which produce much superior photos compared to a DSLR.
  • As the photos are taken in an open environment non are the photos are taken in seclusion (thus the potential photo bombing).
Types Of Photo Booths: Open Air Photo Booth Fun Props
The Open Air Photo Booth - great big crowds and photo bombing make for fun times

Types Of Photo Booths – Conclusion

No matter what type of photo booth you choose, there are many varieties to suit your style. At Pink Caviar Events we can work with any type of photo booth. If you are looking for a more open and inclusive experience then take a look at our open air photo booth as mentioned above. If you are just looking for an open air photo booth head on over the Photo Thingy Photo Booths for a quote. No matter the types of photo booths you are looking at contact us today to see how we can help.

Check out the links below to see what other options there are for photo booths:

What type of photo booth are you going to have at your wedding? Are you going to have one at all? Join the discussion and comment down below 🙂

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