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Winter Weddings

(Last Updated On: 29/04/2018)

Most weddings in Australia are generally between September and March for the main reason that it is during warmer months. While most people prefer the warmth there are some unique advantages having winter weddings. So sit back, turn on the heater, grab a hot chocolate  and lets delve into the advantages of winter weddings


For starters it’s much easier to find a church, function space or whatever is your preference because less people are trying to get married during the colder months. In fact one of the first challenges a couple will face is when they try to coordinate their ceremony and venue space to be on the same day. Personally speaking we went back and forth the ceremony and reception venue because the dates and times were clashing. This is not to say that you can pick and choose and weddings do happen throughout the year, but rather there is less competition in general which can make coordinating a lot easier. This also include other things such as supplier which leads me to my next point.


During the winter months you will find more specials as it is not peak season. This goes across the entire range of wedding services from photographers, stylists, candy buffets, photo booths, venues and much more. Generally suppliers will be more flexible with their times and may have special’s which will make your wedding more cost effective.

Floral Choices

Another great fact is that being winter there are flowers that only blossom during this time in Australia. You can use flowers that bloom all year round but by incorporate something different that your friends could not possibly have as they were married during the warmer months. Some example of seasonal flowers are Snap Dragons (I loved playing with them as a kid 🙂 ), Queen Anne’s Lace, Freesias, Hyacinth and Orchids.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are getting married and your favourite flower is NOT in season please listen to your florist. We had a client who spent $9,000 for her favourite flower to be grown in a hydroponics bay in Queensland. The florist advised her that the moment they are not in the specific environment, the flowers start to die. By the time they arrived in Sydney, the flowers were dead on arrival.

Entertainment Options

What you can also do is find unique way to keep your wedding guests entertained between the ceremony and reception. Depending on the location and your style of wedding, having a winter wedding can have a lot of unique advantages for entertainment. Instead of leaving your guests to wait for several hours while you take photos you can send them ice skating. If it’s in the Hunter Valley you can set up a fire where guests can have a drink while toasting marshmallow’s. Be creative and unique by taking advantage of the season so you can make it memorable for you and your guests.

winter weddings a kiss in the gardens
A kiss in the gardens

Personal Comfort

Lastly its winter and is obviously a cooler time of the year. As you can imagine, on hot summers days a bride can sweat quite a lot. A lot of this depends if her dress is quite thick. Being in winter you will not sweat as much, and have one less thing to worry about. As the bride you have a much better chance of your make-up not running. Which is great news!

In a nutshell there is more flexibility to plan winter weddings. With the potential cost savings, unique flowers and you can use the weather to your advantage.

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