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Business Partnerships With Pink Caviar Events

If your company wishes to work with Pink Caviar Events, all information must be put forward in writing and emailed to us at No other forms of communication will be considered if we have never communicated beforehand. To be considered with working with Pink Caviar Events you must meet the below criteria:

  • Outline Of Proposal: Include a detailed outline of your company, proposal, rates and any other relevant information on how we can work together.
  • Registered Australian / NZ Business: Your company must be a registered business with the Australian Business Register (ABR). The only exceptions are companies that have a cultural niche for entertainment purposes for events that are based overseas. EG singers, dancers and so on that are located overseas and need to come to Australia to perform.
  • Working Contact Details: You must have an operational Australia phone number and email address. The email address must be specific to your website. Using generic Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo amongst others free email services will not be considered.
  • Business Website: You must have a business website. Companies that only use social media profiles will not be considered. For example, if your business is only on Facebook or if you are an ‘Instagram Stylist’ with no legitimate website, you will not be considered.

Please note that we have a preference to work with people/businesses that we have worked with previously. If you have worked with us previously, please provide details of when/where this would have happened.

For any additional information regarding working with Pink Caviar Events/business partnerships, please contact or on 1300 884 800