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Meet The Pink Caviar Team

Our talented team of PlannersStylists and Coordinators are committed to help you design and create amazing events. With over a decade of experience in planning weddings and events, rest assured that you are in good hands. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we give over 110% and that their event is special and memorable. Read all about us down below.

The Team

Stephanie Cassimatis 02 CHECKED

RANDOM FACT: Stephanie doesn't actually like the taste of caviar.

Founder / Event Producer

Like most people, Stephanie enjoys a good party. She is very passionate about creating dream events for clients and seeing their smiles when they walk into the space she created for them.

Stephanie has qualifications in the fields of Tourism, Events as well as Project Management making her an extremely organised and methodical. After working in the events and tourism industry for 8 years travelling around the country working for airlines, wholesalers and cruise ships, she entered the Commercial Property realm in 2012, where she also studied Project Management and obtained her certification.

As much as I enjoyed working on Commerical Construction Projects I kept wanting to get back into Events. I helped many friends with their weddings and private events and simply loved it. I kept receiving compliments on how great and organised the events were and that I should do this for a living – so now I do!

Stephanie took the plunge and started Pink Caviar Events in 2013 and does not look back. Her passion for event management and creative flair has proven to be a hit with clients as she goes the extra mile to make them happy. Stephanie’s organised and calm manner has relaxed many stressed clients over the years. Her can-do attitude and impeccable planning skills has made for many successful weddings and corporate events. You can rest assured that her planning, managing and styling skills are second to none.  As our senior planner and stylist, Stephanie is readily available to start creating your dream event.

Over the years Pink Caviar has grown from strength to strength shaping it into the full service event management and decorative hire company it is today.

emilie hunt team CHECKED

RANDOM FACT: Emilie isn’t actually a cartoon

Brideslave / Blogging Ninja

After completing her studies in Event Management, Emilie joined Pink Caviar in 2014 as an Event Assistant to help Stephanie with event set ups, pack downs and wedding expos. She has since proven her wealth as an Events Coordinator and uses her skills to ensure set ups and venues are presented impeccably for our clients. She is constantly on the look out for new trends and works to design new and innovative designs for our clients.

Emilie also has a keen eye for writing valuable content for our social media channels and online wedding blog. In 2017, we launched the Ask Emilie Wedding Blog, which allows couples to submit questions and have them answered in our blog. Send her your questions today.

Dimitri Cassimatis Tux Team CHECKED

RANDOM FACT: If something goes wrong with the site… it’s normally his fault >_<

Brand Warrior / Token Male

As our token male Dimitri joined Pink Caviar Events as our IT guru only to surprise us with his skills in Branding and Marketing. Dimitri looks after our website and contributes to the Wedding Blog including editing our vlogs. He writes on various topics but also to help give the male perspective. He also assist grooms going through the wedding planning process as he is able to relate to them after going through the process himself.

With a background in business marketing and IT, Dimitri is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to our marketing and brand. He has been instrumental in designing and placing our ads and designing eye-catching content as well as monitoring our website analytics.

Team Member Olivia Drinking Cocktail CHECKED

RANDOM FACT: Every venue Olivia helps us at… becomes her new “this is where I am having my wedding” venue.

Event Coordinator/ Brideslave

Olivia loves weddings and events (any excuse to party!) and is always excited to help set up and decorate any style. From classical elegance to country rustic or Gatsby glam, her warm and friendly can-do attitude makes it easy for our clients to know that they will be well looked after.

She also moonlights as one of our Bride Slaves catering to our bride’s needs on their wedding day.

Photo – Patricia – team

RANDOM FACT: Is training to do a marathon run in Sydney and can literally do laps around us.

Event Crew / Florist

Patricia joined our team in 2017. She is one of our Event Assistants who is ready to help set up chair covers and sashes as well as arrange centrepieces. Working alongside Stephanie, she is always wiling to take on new challenges and recently completed her certificate in Floristy, making her our in-house florist.

Patricia also works closely with Stephanie to source beautiful venue spaces to be featured in our portfolio for future clients. She is a dependable and a trustworthy member of our team.

Rochelle Roberts

RANDOM FACT: Rochelle enjoys a good pamper day for her beautiful nails.

Event Crew

Rochelle joined our team in 2019 with a love for colours and style. Her passion and enthusiam for events shines through with her attention to detail and friendly nature to be chatty with clients. With a background in hospitality and cutsomer service Rochelle is an asset to our team.

You will find Rochelle at an event bump in setting up chair covers, centrepieces and makings sure the details are just right!


RANDOM FACT: Can you guess how many tattoos Sabrina has?

Event Crew

Sabrina is a valued member of our team with her hard-working and can-do attitude. With a background in events, she understands essential time management and her kind and helpful nature means she is on hand to help with aspect of an event.

Working with our Event Manager, Sabrina can be found completing setups, assisting with client requests and also managing late night bump outs.

Gnomly The Gnome Photo Thingy CHECKED

RANDOM FACT: Gnomely isn’t naturally gold but uses too much self tanning lotion.

Photo Booth Model / Mascot

Gnomely started with Pink Caviar Events back in 2014 originally as a on-the-day coordinator. Gnomely’s strengths quickly shone through (either due to his skill-set or his exceptionally shiny exterior). He became the model for our Photo Booth division for all test shots.

While Gnomely still does Photo Booth modeling and on-the-day coordinating, he was recently promoted to our candy buffet division. This was short lived as he would often hide in the jars of candy and eat it all before we had time to set-up for events.

alexander CHECKED

RANDOM FACT: Alexander didn't actually poop when his photo was taken... he did however shortly after


Alexander is the newest and youngest member of the Pink Caviar team. He is studying with a hands on approach about the events industry and received his position by applying for a cadet-ship with us. While still very young (being a baby and all) we have started him on simple duties such as chair cover and sashes as a paper weight. He does this very effectively by sitting on them… that is all.

Check out his antics on our Facebook page – #InternAlex

If you are looking for Planning, Styling, Co-ordinators, photo booths, candy buffets or more. Feel free to contact us today and one of our team will get back to you. Don’t just read about us, meet us in person instead to find out about us 🙂

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