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Wedding Guest List – Who’s On the List

New Job Wants Wedding Invites - Wedding Invitations - Wedding Guest List - hours of fun

Possibly the most traumatic and ongoing difficulty around creating a wedding is the need to decide who to invite. There are so many expectations and feelings to take into account. There’s also a budget and of course, that limits the number of overall attendees. This can be an undercover blessing for couples who want a more intimate affair but feel pressured to invite everyone they’ve known since they were born. A small-town wedding is sometimes the most complicated to deal with. This is where a wedding guest list comes in.

Wedding Guest List & Who to Invite

New Job Wants Wedding Invites - Wedding Invitations - Wedding Guest List - hours of fun
Wedding Invitations Comes In All Shapes & Sizes

A professional wedding planner like the team at Pink Caviar takes a simple approach. The couple should make a list of all the people they would like to have at their wedding early on. This list shouldn’t take into account anyone else’s expectations, and should simply reflect the people the couple’s values.

Hopefully, you have enough time to set that list aside for a few weeks! Then regroup and make sure you didn’t miss anyone. The wedding planner can ensure there is adequate time taken to get the input/feedback from parents and others who may be financially involved in the wedding. All this is done while staying true to the couple’s wishes for the guest list. The idea of keeping a wedding small is one that is often blown out of the water once other peoples’ opinions come into play, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The wedding planner will make sure that the A-List invitees are given proper priority and that there is enough room in the budget and the venue to take care of other obligations, as well.

A Professional Can Help

Involving a professional wedding planner can add a layer of objectivity to the wedding guest list creation process. The couple might have different views and expectations about their wedding. To then to add in the opinions and thoughts of other family members can be daunting to a bride. In order to balance the invitation list and size of the wedding to be more manageable, the wedding planner will use tactics that are well tested. These will help the bride and groom make decisions about the wedding size, venue, layout and events.

A highly structured, very traditional wedding will have different requirements and expectations for guests than a casual wedding will. Making sure that the theme and overall ambience of the wedding match up with the list of people. The couple wants to share their big day with can only help the wedding succeed. Pink Caviar Events are well versed in the guest list phase and can offer an unbiased outside opinion, making things easier and less stressful on the newlyweds. Contact Us today

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Are you putting together your wedding guest list? Are you finding it easy or hard with all the family politics and variables? Let us know and join the discussion down below 🙂

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