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Tall Crystal Goblet Centrepiece

Discover the captivating essence of our Large Tall Crystal Goblet Centrepiece (single), a remarkable addition that commands attention with its impressive 90cm height—an embodiment of sheer elegance and allure. Includes a mirror base and 3 tealight candles around the base.

At the heart of this centrepiece lies a meticulously crafted crystal goblet, standing tall at 90cm, an emblem of sophistication that captivates the gaze. The interplay of light on its crystal surface is heightened by the presence of a mirror base, creating an enchanting visual effect that resonates throughout the room. Adding to its charm, the base features three tealights, casting a warm and inviting radiance that further elevates the ambience.

This Large Tall Crystal Goblet Centrepiece is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly complement our range of crystal centrepieces, allowing you to curate a harmonious collection that exudes opulence and charm. The combined effect of these crystal elements infuses an aura of glamour and refinement, creating an ambiance that is truly enchanting.

From weddings to galas and all special occasions, the Large Tall Crystal Goblet Centrepiece stands as a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. Its towering stature and sparkling allure are poised to etch an indelible memory in the hearts of those who encounter it, ensuring that your event is forever remembered for its exceptional style and grace.