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Light Up Letters and Numbers

In search of a remarkable statement piece or a distinctive way to showcase your company name at your forthcoming event? Our magnificent Light Up Letters and Numbers are the perfect solution. Standing tall at an impressive 1.2 meters, these illuminated characters are certain to leave a lasting impact, making them an ideal choice for adorning entryways, stages, bridal tables, and more.

With their RGB colour-changing capability, these letters and numbers can be tailored to complement your event’s specific colour scheme. This flexibility enables you to choose the exact hue that harmonises with your event’s theme or aligns perfectly with your company’s branding. It’s a surefire way to make your event uniquely yours.

It’s important to bear in mind that our Light Up Letters and Numbers are priced per individual character. This offers a budget-friendly approach, making it feasible to spell out names, convey messages, or prominently display your company’s branding without breaking the bank. Please note that they are suitable for indoor use, ensuring that they retain their visual appeal in a controlled environment.

Elevate your upcoming event with our Light Up Letters and Numbers, transforming your venue into a vibrant and personalised space that speaks to your style and message. Let these radiant characters set the stage for a memorable and visually striking occasion.

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