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Clear Perspex Block Riser

The Clear Perspex Block Riser is a wonderful option for effortlessly adding height to your centrepiece. This versatile accessory can be conveniently placed underneath a flower arrangement or candle collection, instantly elevating their visual impact.

The clear cube riser, measuring 20cm x 20cm and standing at a height of 4cm, offers a compact and practical solution for achieving the desired height without overwhelming the overall design. Its transparent nature allows for seamless integration with any colour scheme or theme, allowing the focus to remain on the beautiful arrangement atop.

Whether you’re organising a joyful celebration or a cozy gathering, the Clear Perspex Block Riser is a reliable choice that effortlessly adds dimension and style to your table decor. Create a delightful and eye-catching display with this riser, and let it shine as a happy addition to your centrepiece ensemble.