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Gold Mirror Base

Enhance your table centrepiece with our elegant gold mirror base! Measuring 30cm in diameter and boasting a bevelled edge, this round gold mirror base is the perfect foundation to elevate your centrepiece and create a captivating focal point for any occasion.

Designed to add a touch of sophistication, this mirror base effortlessly complements a variety of decor styles. Its reflective surface adds depth and dimension to your centrepiece, creating a visually stunning effect that will leave your guests in awe.

Versatile and practical, our gold mirror base can be placed under any centrepiece to enhance its visual impact. Whether you’re showcasing a beautiful floral arrangement, a dazzling candle display, or a combination of both, this mirror base provides the ideal backdrop to showcase your creativity and style.

With its timeless appeal and understated elegance, our gold mirror base seamlessly blends into any setting, from weddings and formal events to intimate gatherings and dinner parties. Let its sleek design and reflective surface lend a touch of glamour to your table decor.

Upgrade your table presentation with our gold mirror base. Its simple yet impactful design will add a touch of refined charm to your centrepiece, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.