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360 Virtual Events And Experiences – Bringing The Event To You


In recent times the events industry was one of the first industries to be affected by the ongoing pandemic. It will take time for events to be back at the scale they once were, and even then the industry has changed, and we all have to adapt. Pink Caviar Events is extending their services into the virtual space and will be creating virtual event experiences with the team at Simply 360. Until now it was impossible to recreate the experience of an event and the saying “you had to be there” held true… until now.

360 Virtual Events And Experiences – Bringing The Event To You

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With the team at Simply 360, they can go into the event space, capture the space/area in stunning detail, incorporate existing media (such as photos, videos and information) alongside your branding for a high-end custom virtual experience. Not only does the viewer feel like they are walking through your event/venue space, but they can feel like they were there.

Showcase Spaces And Styles

Imagine if you could showcase your location to a client with different setups of the same room. Imagine being able to showcase your venue space set up for a corporate event, wedding or any other type of life event. By having all those setups in one place, you can use the one virtual tour for all your potential clients.

Relive Events

As mentioned above the phrase “you had to be there” held true up until now. While you were not at the event, this is as close and immersive you can get. It’s so immersive you can even put on a headset, walk around the space and look around like a moment captured in time. This technology is also great for clients to walk through your venue space at any time/anywhere in the world.

Excellent Sales And Material Tool For Expos

You probably already have some great photos and videos of your events/venue space. By integrating these images/video alongside hotspots with rich information, the ability to integrate your phone, email and website into the tour it becomes an indispensable sales/marketing tool. Do you know how hard it is to showcase your space to a client who isn’t there? Whether the client is at home/the office or at an expo you can bring your venue/portfolio with you via a tablet/Mac/PC and have potential clients walk through your space as though they are there.

Branded And Customised To Your Companies Style

Two things set Simply 360 apart. Firstly high resolution 360 photography which is four times higher than a 4K screen. Secondly, their attention to detail in custom branding and curating your virtual tour. No space/event/business is the same, so why would your tour look like everyone else’s. The team at Simply 360 spends time to custom design the layout and experience to your needs. This is done by integrating your brand’s colours, logos, fonts and style. We also include your existing images, videos and content to make the experience feature-rich.

Communicate With Clients Remotely From Inside The 360 Virtual Tour

Due to the pandemic, a lot of people are not travelling as much and are staying at come. Not only can you send your client the link BUT you can also speak with them directly giving them a live guided tour via video chat built into the tour. You can literally talk with clients directly and give them a curated experience as though you were next to them in person.

Marketing Tool To Fill Next Year

Experts say the events industry will bounce back, but it will take some time. By using a virtual tour, you can give yourself an edge over the competition and bring your venue space/event into peoples homes. Fill your event calendar for next year!

360 Virtual Tour Statistics You Need To Know

Here are some interesting facts about virtual tours and the impact they can have as well as Google Street View stats for your business:

1. 360 Virtual Experiences Keep People On your site 5-10 Times Longer

Virtual tours spark interest with the ability to self explore and experience. People will be on your site longer, engaged deeper and immerse in your website 5-10 times that of a normal visitor.

2. Two-thirds Of People Want Virtual Tours/Experiences

With the rise of technology and the pandemic, people are looking for new ways to explore the world without leaving their house. According to Google, the majority of people want virtual tours, 67% of surveyed participants saying they want a virtual tour when looking online.

3. People Who Have Experienced Your Virtual Tour Are More Likely To Book

The one thing we hear all the time is that when a person has experienced a space in a virtual tour walkthrough, they are more likely to book. This is especially true if they come to a venue space in person as they feel they have already been there.

4. 12% Increased Engagement With Map listings That Have A Google Virtual Tour

This is more about Google Street View, but businesses with more details filled out in Google My Business have a 12% increase with a 360 walkthrough tour.

Simply 360 – Virtual Tour and Walkthrough Specialists

Simply 360 are high-end 360 photographers and virtual tour creators. Their services range from:

  • 360 Virtual Tours
  • 360 Photography
  • Google Certified Street View Photographers
  • 360 Content Marketing Strategists
  • and more…

Contact them on 02 9674 9090, email them at info@simply360.com.au and check out their website today.

What are you’re throughts on 360 virtual tours and walkthroughs? Do you have a favourite? Join the discussion down below and let us know 🙂

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