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Bridal Thrones Hire: Fit For A Bride & Grooms Wedding

Bridal Thrones - Wedding Thrones - White Thrones - Elegant Regal Throne Lion Heads

Have you ever thought of doing something different for your wedding? Something unique and special that stands out and leaves an amazing yet awesome impact. Pink Caviar Events is proud to introduce our white bridal wedding thrones. These magnificent thrones make you stand apart from the crowd and makes you feel like a king and queen. These white wedding bridal thrones stand tall at 1.8 metres. They are an impressive sight to you and your now-husband / bride when you sit down in front of your guests on your wedding day. Adorned with the heads of lions on each of the armrests. The beautiful woodwork and crests upon the white thrones add a touch of style, elegance, impressiveness for any event and available for hire.

White Bridal Thrones Hire

Imagine sitting down with your now husband and wife looking over your wedding guests and the amazing photos that you will have. These are a perfect addition to any bridal table, king table or even a sweetheart table. They are also suitable as backdrops for photo booths. You and / or your guests can sit down and feel like royalty during your wedding. These are available as singles or in a pair.

The white bridal thrones are also perfect for bridal showers and even hen’s parties. You can feel like a queen just like Cersei from Game of Thrones. Ours is a white throne, and hers is an Iron Throne. Our thrones are much more comfortable as you will not be sitting on a throne made of swords. It would be all cold and pointy and who would want that on their wedding day! Our white thrones are plush and comfortable, fit for a king or queen!

These are also the same type of chairs used in the movie series The Hunger Games. In the last movie, Catniss and President Snow are both seen sitting in these chairs. Check these chair outs and feel like Catniss on your wedding day.

Hire These Awesome White Thrones Today

If you are interested in having these white bridal wedding thrones for your wedding day, do not hesitate to check out our white throne hire page here. They are available to be used primarily for hire in Sydney but also available for use in NSW. The white thrones are also suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events as well as Santa Chairs for Christmas Parties., baby showers (for the mother to be to sit on) and more. Contact us today by filling out the form on this page if you are ready to feel like a king or queen on your wedding day and sit on these glorious white thrones.

Would you consider using white bridal thrones at your wedding? Have you ever seen a throne (or thrones) at a wedding/event? Join the discussion down below and let us know your thoughts 🙂

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