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Event Marketing 101: How to Market your Event

Event Marketing

Event marketing is essential, be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid. A well-planned event marketing strategy is key to a successful event.

In fact, event marketing is relatively simple today due to the advances in technology, data and analytics. Applying the right strategies and ideas may assist you in reaching your target audience, creating enthusiasm for your upcoming conference or trade exhibition, or even getting the word out about your event.

There appear to be various different approaches to event marketing and how to market your event. So let’s dive deeper below.

Event Marketing 101: How to Market your Event

Event Marketing

What is event marketing?

Event marketing is a form of marketing that includes hosting, engaging in, or participating in an event to drive sales and promote a product or service. It is one of the ways that allows you to build deeper bonds with clients while also educating them regarding your business.

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning an event. First and foremost, think about what you want the event to achieve. Sometimes it can be as simple as generating awareness for your company or product – through word-of-mouth promotion or media coverage, for example – and motivating people to take action. Other times, an event may be geared towards selling a specific product or service, such as a seminar or conference.

Here are some of the different types of event marketing your company could host, sponsor, or attend. Note that all of these events can take place virtually, too.

The types of event marketing are as follows:

  • Conference
  • Trade Shows
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Launch Celebrations

The importance of event marketing

It’s essential nowadays for companies to stay ahead of competitors, and event marketing is a great starting point. The importance of event marketing lies in the primary goal that will affect the success of the event.

Event marketing provides you with unique methods to interact with prospective and returning customers. The information you collect from many other sources could make it possible for healthy competition among companies. So, by planning an event well, your business can see a great return on investment.

Creating an event that stands out from the rest and can be remembered for a long time is what will make your company shine. By using event marketing, you get to engage with potential customers on a personal level, and that’s something that no other form of marketing can offer.

Above all else, remember that events are a great way to connect with clients and increase brand awareness.

How to market your event

Given today’s modern digital technologies and social media platforms, marketing your event can look like a piece of cake. However, please acknowledge that social media platforms are not the only way to go. You may hire an event planner or event management company to help you with your marketing.

If you’re still not clear on how to market your event, here’s a list of event marketing strategies to get you started.

Event marketing through social network platforms

According to Backlinko, social network platforms almost tripled their total user base in the last decade up to 4.48 billion users in July 2021. This makes marketing your event via social media an appealing option.

From building Facebook groups and pages to purchasing sponsored advertisements on websites, social media provides a plethora of methods for marketing your event.

Cross-promotion with event presenters and co-hosts may also offer you a new and interested audience, which can help you expand your reach.

Another trending way to market your event in 2023 is influencer marketing, where you can promote products or services through endorsements or recommendations from social media influencers and content creators online.

Provide an early bird promo

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “the early bird catches the worms.” The same applies in real life, where you get the deal if you’re quick.

Offering an early bird promo is a fantastic strategy to advertise your events. This will encourage your potential consumers to register for your event as soon as possible.

Early bird ticket promo is discounted tickets that award those who respond quickly. Set aside a limited amount of tickets available earlier on at a lower price than your usual price. People who buy the “early bird” tickets save money, and you have early success in selling out your event. It’s a win-win situation for both.

Collaboration and partnering with brands

Collaboration and partnership are among the most effective methods to market your event.

Try getting event sponsors who will help you market the event. An event management company can easily help you reach out for collaboration since they’d know better and have connections with people.

You may also form partnerships with other brands or companies that will inform their audiences about your event. Furthermore, event marketing which includes famous influencers or speakers with whom you are collaborating, is a great way to spread the word about your event even further.

Hence it’s critical to use certain fanbases so that people outside of your target audience are aware of the event.

Business Event Marketing

Use email marketing

We all know social media plays an important role in event marketing, however, email marketing is still very efficient in marketing tactics since it immediately reaches your target audience.

Email marketing can help you reach the best and perhaps the most relevant group of people for your event with the right planning. If you develop a wonderful, attention-grabbing headline, you’ll get some of those who view the email, but if you bombard them, they’ll unsubscribe from it.

Event marketing is essential for any business, but you need to find the right balance in order to achieve the desired outcome. You could do incredible things for your event with the correct event management team and a splash of creativity.

Create a landing page for the event

There are a few circumstances that can keep you from having an event webpage. One of them is if you’re not sure if your event requires a marketing or registration website.

The primary interface of the target audience would be your event website, and it must offer important details and persuade people to sign up. You may also use event automation to customise the whole event planning process or hire an event planner to sort everything for you.

It would be better if you could create a personalised online event portal to understand who is browsing your page. This allows you to customise the registration procedure based on the type of participant. The more complex software allows you to design flexible registering processes and pricing depending on the selected requirements.

Last but not least, your event landing page should contain at least the following information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Pricing
  • URL address
  • Call to action
  • FAQ’s

Marketing your event with a professional event management company

When you are looking for event marketing services, there are many considerations you should take into account. It is important to understand the target demographic of your event and what will appeal to them. From there, it’s necessary to come up with a creative and attention-grabbing marketing campaign.

A professional event management company can help you plot the course of your event, from conception to execution. They can also provide the necessary decor and styling to make your event look its best. When you hire an experienced firm, you can be sure your event will succeed.

Every event is intended to fulfil you as a client and assure that your visitors/clients are well taken care of. Event marketing can be used in many ways to reach your target audience. We’ll provide you with comfort and a stress-free environment.

Are you looking to market an event with an event planner or event management company? Our team at Pink Caviar Events provides full planning, styling and coordinating choices for our corporate clients. Connect with us today to learn more about our event marketing services.

Published by Dimitri Cassimatis

Dimitri Cassimatis is the Marketing Manager at Pink Caviar Events, a corporate event management and styling company based in Sydney, Australia. With a background in marketing and communications, Dimitri brings a wealth of expertise to his role, including strategic planning, branding, and digital marketing. He is passionate about creating engaging content that resonates with Pink Caviar's target audience and helps to drive the company's growth. Dimitri is also committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in marketing, and regularly attends industry events and conferences.