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On-the-Day Coordinators – Pink Caviar to the Rescue!

Selecting a partner to coordinate your wedding day is a very personal and important hire. The bride and groom have to feel comfortable that their on the day coordinator is the best in Sydney. Also the best there is for their particular needs. The Pink Caviar On-the-Day Coordinators are the best in the business. The services that our team provides is the best in the business.

On-the-Day Coordinators – Pink Caviar to the Rescue!

Steph Coordinator Setting Up Event

On the Day Coordinators Do What, Again?

For the bride, the wedding day should be a memorable, beautiful and very personal experience. The details of coordinating a meaningful ceremony, throwing a huge party and making sure that the guests are having the best time possible should not be the job of the bride. On the Day Coordinators ensures all of the vendors appear at the right place and time. Their job is to execute the bride’s vision flawlessly. The details and arrangements are handled professionally. This means no last-minute hiccoughs or sacrifices that can show up when a do-it-yourself wedding is put together by friends and family. Keeping the drama level low and the beauty level high is what the On the Day Coordinator is all about!

How to Choose an On the Day Coordinator

When interviewing for an on the day coordinator, Sydney brides know that the best place to start is with Pink Caviar. For your wedding day, the professionals are the only people to trust, such as our on-the-day coordinators. There’s supposed to be only one of these days after all. It should be as special and memorable as possible. The on the day coordinator should be involved with every detail of the planning process. This also includes leading up to the rehearsal dinner and wedding day. They should be organised, punctual and detail-oriented, and should have solid communication skills. A wedding planner may be creative and imaginative. Without the skills of the on the day coordinator, the wedding itself is being left to chance.

Pink Caviar On-the-Day Coordinators

The detail-driven Pink Caviar On-the-Day Coordinators will handle the creation of the day’s agenda. They will make sure that all the involved parties are up to speed on when and where to be. This process of accurate scheduling extends to the vendors who are supporting the wedding.

Ensuring that the professionals do their jobs in the right way and helping to solve any unexpected last-minute problems is the primary main job of the On the Day Coordinator. When the maid of honour can’t find her earrings or the groom goes missing for fifteen minutes before the ceremony, our team is here to help.

There are great coordinators, and there are great planners, and our team is the best at both. Besides bringing highly professional services to meet each bride’s vision, Pink Caviar Events have the most helpful people. That makes a big difference on a wedding day!

Our Pink Caviar On-the-Day Coordinators are ready to help make your day run smooth. Contact us today and relax while on your wedding day by letting us do all the running around for you.

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