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Organise Your Gala Dinner With A Pro

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We get it, you’re planning a Gala Dinner/Awards night for your company. Whether you love planning events or this task has been given to you to organise, the fact remains that this is a big job. It does not matter if it is only for 100 people or up to 1,000; much work will need to be done from now until the event. On top of your already busy schedule, you will need to organise your gala dinner/awards night. Here are the top 5 reasons you should get a pro to help with your gala dinner.

Organise Your Gala Dinner With The Help From A Pro

Organise Your Gala Dinner: A photo of Gala Dinner The Star Sydney Table Centrepiece Silver Willow

1. You’re busy already

Let’s face it you’re busy, you already have a busy schedule at work, and this project can be very time-consuming. You have to manage RSVPs, suppliers, entertainment (such as a photo booth), styling and other elements. Then you will need to visit venues to make sure it is the right fit for your event. While it can sounds fun, it can also take up a lot of time just on site visits.

2. Added stress you just don’t need

Event planning sounds like a lot of fun at first. However, when you are organising the gala dinner, you have to juggle everything relating to the event as well as your regular day job. If you have help from a co-worker, it could be helpful, but even then there are lots of elements to manage, resulting in additional stress.

3. Save money

Professional event planners create and execute events every single day. They know how to do it faster, more efficiently, have a list of reputable suppliers and can pull it all off more cost-effectively. Hiring someone may seem like an additional expense; but you will be surprised how much you will save in the process. In general, the cost of hiring a professional will save you more than their management fee on top of the other benefits of time-saving and reduction of stress.

4. Bring fresh ideas to the table

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You may have been to lots of events, whether it’s a gala dinner, networking event, wedding, charity fundraisers, and so on. It is safe to say you have seen a lot of different things and want to implement them into the gala dinner you are planning.  That said an event planning professional sees a lot of different things every day relating to events. They can bring ideas you have never even heard and also further enhance your existing ideas for the gala dinner.

5. Piece of mind everything is taken care of

Organising a gala dinner is like a juggling act with many balls. Each aspect of the event is something you will have to juggle until the event is over. You may be a great organiser; however, this may not be something you have organised before or are used to. A lot of people who consider themselves great organisers take this aspect head-on.

However, with organising anything, there needs to be a clear understanding of what is being organised, especially in events. Don’t have an approach that it’s just a task to complete. An event is like a living breathing entity, and one element can impact another. Without understanding why something is set-up a certain way, it may be implemented incorrectly or affect something else in the event.

If you are organising an event for your company/charity, take a look at utilising a professional corporate event planner from Pink Caviar Events to help organise your gala dinner. There are various options for either a complete, partial planner service or just using certain elements such as RSVP management, registration desk, entertainment options such as a photo booth or styling elements.

Why DIY-Organising Your Gala Dinner is Not a Great Idea

Planning a gala dinner is such an exciting endeavour that entails providing attendees with a memorable experience while ensuring to meet the event’s target objectives. However, some individuals or groups are considering taking on the responsibility of planning a gala dinner themselves because they think they will be able to save more money or have greater control over the event. A DIY strategy might work for some occasions but not for a gala dinner.

We have listed below some of the reasons why DIY organising a gala dinner is not a great idea and why you should consider hiring a professional event planner.

Lack of expertise

Gala dinners are intricate events that require thorough planning and meticulous attention to detail. If you are planning to DIY organise your gala dinner, it may be difficult for you to manage the multiple components required, such as venue selection, decor, catering, entertainment, and logistics, especially if you lack prior experience and competence in event management.


Weeks or even months must be spent planning and preparing for a gala dinner. Simply put, it takes a long time. It could be challenging for you to devote enough time to preparing a successful gala dinner if you have full-time obligations. As a result, it may result in events that are disorganised overall, hasty decisions, and inadequate planning.

Stress and overwhelm

The great strain and stress of handling all aspects of a gala dinner can soon become overwhelming if you opt to DIY organise a gala dinner. It is inevitable that you may become frustrated and burned out as a result of negotiating with vendors and dealing with last-minute adjustments, which can have a severe impact on their well-being and the event’s overall quality.

Lack of Industry Connections

Professional event organisers have extensive industry connections and relationships, including reliable vendors, suppliers, and entertainment alternatives. These connections can provide access to high-quality services as well as exclusive discounts and advantages that you may be unable to obtain on your own.

Budget Management Challenges

Organise your gala dinner: A photo of coins and a potato on a spoon balancing on a calculator.

It takes a deep awareness of event costs and meticulous financial preparation to prepare and organise your gala dinner within a set budget. If you don’t have prior event management experience, you may find it difficult to successfully control costs, which might result in cost overruns or a reduction in the calibre of the services offered.

Limited Creativity

Event managers bring creativity and originality to the table, providing original concepts and novel ideas that can make the gala dinner stand out. If you have not had much exposure to imaginative event design, it may lead to a bland and uninteresting event experience.

Risk of disappointment

Attendees may have a negative opinion of a poorly run gala dinner, which may also reflect adversely on the organisation or person hosting it. Ongoing effects on relationships with stakeholders, sponsors, and attendees can be caused by disappointing experiences. So to avoid these occurrences, it is a lot better to opt for a professional event manager to organise your gala dinner.

On-Site Challenges

Unexpected challenges and issues may occur during the event, which requires quick thinking and problem-solving. Professional event organisers are prepared to deal with these circumstances coolly, guaranteeing a seamless event experience. If you don’t have prior event management experience, it may be difficult for you to successfully handle on-site problems, which could cause disruptions during the gala dinner.

4 Tips for Finding the Right Event Manager to Organise Your Gala Dinner

If you’re looking for some helpful tips on how to hire the right event manager to organise your gala dinner, you can check out these four tips we have.

1. Check experience and portfolio

Make sure to find the right event manager with a proven track record of successfully organising gala dinners or any similar events. You can ask for their portfolio during the interview process to check their past work. It can be photos, client reviews and testimonials, or details of the events they handled.

2. Compatibility and Communication

Because you’ll be collaborating closely with your event manager, it’s critical that you choose someone with whom you have strong chemistry and effective communication. Make sure that they comprehend your target objectives, preferences, and vision for the gala dinner.

3. Networks and relationships

An experienced and well-connected event planner may access a network of trusted and reliable suppliers, providers, and entertainers to guarantee the highest quality services for your gala dinner. So make sure to choose the right and most professional event manager to organise your gala dinner successfully.

4. Flexibility and adaptability

Events can be unpredictable; therefore, being ready to adjust to changes is essential. Make sure your event organiser is adaptable and can handle unexpected situations calmly.


The success and overall experience of your gala dinner can be greatly accomplished by hiring an event manager to plan it. A seasoned event manager has the right skill set and keen attention to detail to handle and organise your gala dinner, making it a memorable event for your guests. By hiring the right event organiser who understands your objectives and preferences, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful gala dinner.


Are you organising a gala dinner? How is the planning and organising of the event going? What type of theme or styling are you thinking of having? 

Published by Dimitri Cassimatis

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