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Professional Wedding Planners VS Unprofessional Wedding Planners

Professional Wedding Planners VS Unprofessional Wedding Planners

This year we have been meeting with couples who potentially want to use our services on their wedding day. It was quite a surprise of their stories when meeting other wedding planners and what they experienced. We heard stories of people meeting with ‘apparent’ wedding planners. While meeting with these planners, they are told that their wedding vision was ‘rubbish’ and to do it ‘the planners’ way. We found this was a mix of people who are new and also experienced wedding planners. Today we are going to look at the difference between professional wedding planners and unprofessional wedding planners.

Professional Wedding Planners VS Unprofessional Wedding Planners

Bride Contemplating Professional Wedding Planners VS Unprofessional Wedding PlannersWhile there is no strict right or wrong way to do things, we thought it would be a good idea for newly engaged couples to know what to look for and expect when dealing with wedding planner professionals. The experience should be easy, seamless and enjoyable.

Your Vision

Obviously its your wedding and you should be able to have it any way you see fit. We had a couple advise us recently that while looking for a wedding planner she had an experience that made our jaws drop. The planner very directly advised that her ideas were “not good” and to do it “her way”.

A professional wedding planner is supposed to take your ideas and bring them to life. Sometimes an idea may need a professional touch and to give guidance but to tell a couple it can’t be done or a bad idea is just plain wrong.


Professional wedding planners should be able to get back to you within a reasonable time. The basic rule for couples looking to find wedding suppliers is to give them at least 2 business days to reply. The reason why I say business days is that we often get calls / emails to get a quote or meet in person and many of them are on the weekend. However on weekends we are generally busy with weddings that are currently going on. Imagine if it was you wedding day and your wedding planner was focusing on sending quote’s to ‘other people’ when they should be giving their undivided attention to you. We give the same level of respect to all our clients.

At Pink Caviar Events our goal is within 24 hours. If the wedding planner has not made contact in 1 week then that’s a big warning sign. If they take a week to get back to you during the quotation stage, image how the communication will be over the months leading up to your wedding day. It will not be pleasant and a nightmare.

Pushing Agendas

There is never any problem with a planner promoting other services. The way we see it I would rather the couple know then not know. An unprofessional wedding planners would constantly push their other products and services on you even though you have said no. For example we have our own open air photo booth also known as Photo Thingy Photo Booths. Some couples want the photo booth and some do not. However if a couple has said no to us about it then we stop. This shows that their focus is the bottom line and not your wedding. You do not want to be with anyone who constantly pushes products you just don’t want.

On a side note, if a couple chooses a different photo booth for example we are fine with that. We will work with the couple and their chosen supplier. It simply comes down to personal choice and taste. Some couples want a booth that is a particular colour, specific feature or a different design entirely or even booked them early on. We will never badmouth another supplier in the industry.

In Conclusion

A professional wedding planner has your best interest at heart. They make your vision a reality, communicate openly / often with you and they keep the best interests of their clients first. An unprofessional weeding planner has bad communication, rigidness to make your vision real and constantly pushes agendas that have no interest to you. If you are in talks with a wedding planner and they are exhibiting these signs (amongst others) then its time to rethink if they are right for you.

What has your experience when looking for professional wedding planners? Have you ever had any experiences with unprofessional wedding planners? Join the discussion and let us know in the comments below 🙂

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    Professional wedding planners should be able to get back to you within a reasonable time. An unprofessional wedding planners would constantly push their other products and services

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