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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

While a lot of other aspects of wedding planning can be skipped over or even changed, the one thing every wedding has to have is the perfect wedding venue. The venue for a wedding sets the tone in the mood for the entire event, so picking the best one for your special day is going to be one of the most important decisions you make, other than deciding who you are going to marry!

Planning With Your Partner – Vlog

Is your partner not helping out as much as you like with planning the wedding? Maybe you want to see them more involved and helping you out. Check out our video below on our tips with planning with your partner and download our wedding checklist. Planning With Your Partner Today we are going to go …

Master the Art of Bride Speech: A Guide with Examples

Being a bride, you have the option to do a speech at your wedding also know as a bride speech. In the past few years, it is becoming more and more common for brides to speak at their wedding. Good on you because it’s not compulsory and public speaking is one of the hardest things to …