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Wedding & Event Styling

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You probably know what your clothing style is, and your music style, and maybe your decorating style. The sense of who you are, and how you express that through your fashion, is a wonderful gift that helps the world know you better. Some of us are better at expressing our style and vision than others! Many people feel that they have a sense of personal style, but don’t know how to express it comfortably. Some people don’t have any idea of how they would describe their style. This is where Pink Caviar can help with wedding & event styling.

Wedding & Event Styling

What’s Your Wedding Style?

Wedding & Event Styling is merely a way to express a vision, or an idea, through a medley of sensory experiences. When talking about wedding style, there is the possibility of including all of these senses in one amazing experience. Expressing personal style or style of the couple can be visual. This is done through the decorations of the wedding. It can also be done auditory, in the music. This can also encompass other senses, working through the catering and food experiences at the reception. All of the aspects of the wedding, reception and every other aspect that guests and participants experience, should weave together to make a thematic and stylistic feeling that’s unique and memorable.

When it comes to planning a wedding, there is no shortage of opportunity to express a personal style. Things can become slightly complicated when there are conflicting styles that the bride and groom want to express. Also when the couple doesn’t have a distinct idea of what their vision for their wedding is.  Some couples get stuck on the idea of picking a colour scheme, which is one way to start talking about style. Colour schemes are not the end-all and be-all of the Wedding & Event Styling. For couples who are not sure how to approach the entire project, the best advice is to step back and take a deep breath.

Wedding & Event Styling

There is one answer when it comes to distinct preferences in the couple’s style. Also, when no preference is expressed at all, is for the couple to work with a professional wedding stylist. Sydney brides have been singing the praises of Pink Caviar Events. There the wedding stylists take the time to really get to know each couple. Finding the right way to express the personalities and values of the couple being married is what a wedding stylist does best!

Even the bride and groom who know what it is they want to portray can benefit from working with Pink Caviar Events. The wedding stylists are in a position to make solid recommendations to the couple on how to achieve the look and feel they want. The vision that the couple brings to the table could require extensive work, or could be exceptionally simple. Executing on the look and feel that will make the day memorable is what the wedding stylist does.

Feel free to check out some of our styling setups on the Pink Caviar Events Styling Page or even check out our vlog on wedding colours and styles on our YouTube Channel or below.

Do you have a question for Ask Emilie then email her here? Alternatively, fill out the form below and have your question answered in our wedding blog. Check out the other Ask Emilie Blogs here; they may contain what you are looking for or give you ideas an inspirations for other wedding-related questions.

What style have you chosen for your wedding or are you still deciding? Have you chosen a colour scheme? Let us know down below and leave a comment 🙂

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2 years ago

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