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Gold Multi Candle Candelabra with Flowers

Introduce an air of sophistication to your event decor with our tall Gold Multi Candle Candelabra with Flowers. This elegant addition serves as a captivating focal point, creating an atmosphere of grandeur and charm.

Gold Multi Candle Candelabra with Flowers comes complete with 8 LED tapered candles, casting a warm and inviting glow that adds a delightful ambiance to your event. The candles create a visually stunning display, contributing to the overall charm of your decor.

The candelabra is graced with artificial florals at its base, enhancing its beauty. The combination of candles and flowers creates a captivating centrepiece that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. To tailor the decor to your event’s style and theme, consider adding tealights and a table runner at an additional cost. This allows you to achieve a look that perfectly suits your occasion.

Standing at approximately 1.3 metres tall, including the candles, this candelabra is a regal addition to your event decor. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and discuss how this Gold Multi Candle Candelabra with Flowers can make your event truly spectacular. Your special occasion deserves nothing less than a touch of grandeur and sophistication.

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