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Gold Multi Candle Candelabra

Enhance the elegance of your event with our Gold Multi Candle Candelabra, a captivating addition that exudes sophistication. This exquisite candelabra comes with 8 LED candles, providing a warm and inviting glow to your surroundings.

Standing at an impressive height of approximately 1.3m, our Gold Multi Candle Candelabra commands attention and adds a regal touch to any setting. Its striking design and gleaming gold finish make it a compelling choice for a variety of occasions, especially those with a royal theme.

With its versatile nature, this candelabra can be used as a standalone centrepiece or combined with floral arrangements and other decor elements to create a truly majestic ambience. Please note that the flowers are available at an additional cost, allowing you to customise the candelabra to perfectly suit your event’s aesthetic.

Immerse your guests in an atmosphere of refinement and grandeur with our Gold Multi Candle Candelabra. Its timeless appeal and impressive stature are sure to leave a lasting impression. The LED candles provide a safe and hassle-free alternative to traditional candles, ensuring a worry-free experience while still achieving a captivating visual effect.

Elevate your event with the convincing allure of our Gold Multi Candle Candelabra. Its elegant design and enchanting glow will transform your space into a haven of beauty and grace, captivating your guests and creating unforgettable memories.

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