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Disco Themed Event Centrepiece

Add some vintage disco magic to your next event with our fantastic Disco Themed Event Centrepiece. This centrepiece is an excellent choice for any ’70s disco-themed party, and it’s sure to be the focal point of the celebration.

The Disco Themed Event Centrepiece includes several essential elements to transport your guests back in time to the disco era. First, there’s a dazzling sequin runner, reminiscent of the iconic disco dance floors that lit up the night. It sets the stage for a night of dancing, fun, and nostalgia.

The centrepiece also features a large disco ball mounted on a stand, capturing the essence of the discotheque era with its mesmerising light-reflecting properties. This disco ball adds a touch of authenticity and glamour to your event, providing a visually stunning spectacle.

In addition to the disco ball, the Disco Themed Event Centrepiece contains a vase filled with mini disco balls, contributing an extra layer of shimmer and retro charm to your table setting. To create the perfect atmosphere, two LED pillar candles are included, casting a warm and inviting glow, reminiscent of the soft lighting found in disco clubs.

For those who wish to fully embrace the theme, we offer the option to include matching napkins or a mirror base at an additional cost, allowing you to complete the transformation of your event space.

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