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Geo with Flowers & Tealights

The Geo with Flowers & Tealights centrepiece effortlessly combines modern aesthetics with natural elements, creating a visually striking and harmonious focal point for your tables. Each centrepiece features a geometric structure made from high-quality materials, exuding contemporary elegance and sophistication.

Included at the heart of this arrangement is a gold geo cube measuring 16cm x 16cm. Combined with your choice of fresh flowers and 3x tealight candles, this centrepiece is designed to elevate the ambience of your special event. The warm glow of these candles creates a soft and intimate atmosphere, casting a gentle and inviting light over the surrounding area.

The florals can be customised to match your event’s colour scheme, ensuring seamless integration into your overall decor. You also have the choice of colours with our large range of tealights candles. Our stylists will work with you to ensure it matches perfectly!

Versatile and adaptable, the Geo with Flowers & Tealights centrepiece complements a wide range of event themes, from elegant weddings to chic corporate functions. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, these centrepieces effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your tables and captivate the imagination of your guests.

Note: Seasonal flowers in your choice of colour. 

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