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Black Geo Lantern with Greenery or Orchids

The Black Geo Lantern with Greenery or Orchids on a gold mirror base is a captivating and enchanting decorative piece that seamlessly blends modern design with natural elements. This arrangement exudes sophistication and brings an air of elegance to any space it adorns.

At the heart of this composition is the black geometric lantern. Its sleek and contemporary design features clean lines and a bold, black finish that adds a touch of drama to the overall aesthetic. Standing 21cm tall, the Black Geo Lantern with Greenery or Orchids centrepiece includes an LED pillar candle, artificial greenery or artificial orchids and a gold mirror plate (real wax candle additional).

The addition of greenery or orchids to the lantern elevates its appeal and infuses a natural element into the arrangement. To further enhance the display, a gold mirror base with a reflective surface adds depth and dimension to this table centrepiece while also complementing the gold accents in the lantern. The combination of black, gold, and vibrant green or orchid hues creates a striking and visually captivating display. Why not combine it with one of our shiny runners or add some tealights for an extra special arrangement?

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