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Mason Jar with Flowers

Embrace the rustic charm of our single Clear Mason Jar with Flowers – the perfect addition to complement any rustic-styled wedding or event. This delightful centrepiece effortlessly captures the essence of rustic elegance, adding a touch of natural beauty to your special occasion.

The clear Mason jar, adorned with a selection of carefully arranged flowers, exudes a simple yet enchanting aesthetic, bringing the beauty of the outdoors to your event tables. The timeless appeal of the Mason jar adds a nostalgic and warm atmosphere, creating a welcoming ambiance for your guests.

To enhance the visual appeal and create a truly captivating display, you have the option to add some tealight candles, a burlap hessian runner, or a timber slice (at an additional cost). The tealight candles add a soft and romantic glow, perfect for setting the mood during evening celebrations. The burlap hessian runner or timber slice complements the rustic theme, offering a natural and textured backdrop to showcase the Mason Jar with Flowers centrepiece.

Our single Clear Mason Jar with Flowers brings a touch of countryside charm that suits any occasion. Embrace the rustic allure and let the beauty of these centrepieces blossom throughout your wedding or event, creating cherished memories for you and your guests.

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