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Silver Disco Ball on White Stand and Mirror

Enhance the allure of your school formal with our Silver Disco Ball on White Stand—a true embodiment of captivating charm. This centrepiece transcends mere decoration; it becomes the luminous focal point of your table, making a resounding statement. Towering at an impressive 45cm, it effortlessly captures attention and infuses an air of sophistication. The mirror base, thoughtfully included, adds a touch of enchantment, reflecting the splendour above.

Our Silver Disco Ball on White Stand captures and scatters light with mesmerising grace, transforming your event into an effervescent dance extravaganza. Picture the reflections playfully dancing around the room, igniting the atmosphere! The refined white stand serves as a perfect pedestal, accentuating the disco ball’s inherent magnetism.

For an added touch of refinement, consider our optional table runners available at an extra cost. Beyond protecting the table’s surface, these runners introduce a stylish dimension that seamlessly complements your chosen theme, elevating the aesthetic.

Our Silver Disco Ball on White Stand extends an invitation to a night of luminosity and celebration. It strikes an elegant balance between vivacity and refinement, ensuring your school formal becomes an indelible memory. Anticipate a night where the disco ball takes the lead, crafting an atmosphere of splendour for an unforgettable event.

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