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Mirror Top Bridal Table

Make your wedding day special with our Luxury Mirror Top Bridal Table. This stylish table, designed for the bridal party, boasts a glossy white front and a slightly tinted mirror top.

The Luxury Mirror Top Bridal Table is a modern and stylish choice for your wedding. The combination of the white gloss front and the tinted mirror top creates a striking visual contrast, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication to your special day.

This table comes in sections, each of which can comfortably seat two people. Each section is 140cm wide, 95cm deep, and stands at a height of 75cm. This flexibility allows you to customise the table size to accommodate your guest list and seating arrangements.

With seven sections, the table can seat up to 14 people, providing enough space for the bridal party and guests to enjoy the celebrations and create wonderful memories.

Enhance the style of your wedding with our Luxury Mirror Top Bridal Table. Contact us today to reserve this sophisticated table and make your bridal table the highlight of your wedding day. Your wedding deserves the best in style and sophistication.