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Silver Star with Tealight

The enchanting Silver Star with Tealight is the ideal small decoration to add a touch of magic to cocktail tables, setups, or any Christmas-themed gathering. This delightful piece exudes a festive charm, making it the perfect addition to your holiday decor.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Silver Star with Tealight features a stunning silver finish that sparkles with elegance and grace. Its intricate design captures the essence of the holiday season, spreading warmth and joy to all who behold it.

At approximately 14cm tall, this Silver Star stands proudly on its own, casting a mesmerising glow when paired with the included tealight. The flickering flame of the tealight creates a cosy and inviting ambiance, perfect for Christmas celebrations.

Not limited to Christmas tables alone, this versatile decoration seamlessly complements Winter Wonderland themes, adding a touch of winter magic to any space. Its timeless design allows it to be used as an enchanting addition to weddings, parties, or any event seeking a touch of seasonal allure.

The Silver Star with Tealight brings the spirit of the season to life, filling hearts with wonder and creating cherished memories. Embrace the joy of Christmas and the beauty of winter with this delightful Silver Star, a radiant centerpiece that will leave a lasting impression on all your guests.