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Timber Crates

Are you looking for a unique and versatile way to add some rustic charm to your event or home decor? Look no further than our set of three timber crates!

These high-quality timber crates can be used for several things, such as beautiful additions to your dessert or snacking table or as an event backdrop. These crates are available in three different sizes to suit your needs and are made from lovely and sturdy timber.

The large crate measures 41cm wide by 31cm deep and 19cm high, the medium crate measures 36cm wide by 26cm deep and 16cm high, and the small crate measures 31cm wide by 21cm deep and 14cm high. Because of the range in sizes, you can mix and match them to make a display that is aesthetically pleasing and exactly suited to your space and style.

These timber crates will give any scene a touch of charm and nostalgia and are perfect for use in conjunction with a rustic or vintage-themed event. These crates will impress your visitors and offer a distinctive touch to your decor, whether you use them to contain snacks or other items on your dessert or grazing table, as part of a centrepiece, or to showcase flowers.

In addition, it’s simple and convenient to acquire these lovely and useful timber crates right away, thanks to our cost-effective hire options. Why then wait? To learn more about our hiring possibilities and to get started planning your ideal event display, contact us right away.