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Outdoor Festoon Lights

Meet our lovely LED Outdoor Festoon Lights, designed to light up your outdoor gatherings and events. These lights come in handy 20-meter sections that you can connect together, giving you flexibility in creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.

These Outdoor Festoon Lights shine in a warm, welcoming, soft white colour, making them perfect for all sorts of events. Whether you’re planning a beautiful wedding, a festive Christmas party, or any outdoor get-together, these lights add a touch of magic to the scene, making it extra special.

But remember, these festoon lights are meant to enhance the mood of your event and shouldn’t be your only source of light in an area. It’s a good idea to use them along with other lights to make sure the place is well-lit and safe.

Quote for supply and installation is based on the space sizing, height and existing rigging points. Our experienced consultants are ready to talk to you about what you need and give you a solution that works for you.

Make your outdoor event feel warm and welcoming with our LED Outdoor Festoon Lights, turning your space into a friendly and cosy spot that everyone will remember. Just chat with our consultants, and we’ll make your vision a reality.