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Seating Chart

Streamline your event planning process with our top-notch Event Seating Chart. Our skilled graphic designer is fully equipped to create a seating plan that seamlessly harmonises with the distinctive theme of your event.

Your seating chart will be meticulously custom-designed to incorporate vital event-specific information, including your logo, the event date, and any other pertinent details. It’s not just a practical tool; it’s aesthetically pleasing as well, adding a touch of style to your event’s organization.

Choose between A1 or A2 sizes to meet your specific space and visibility requirements. Our seating charts are expertly printed on sturdy board material, making them ready to be placed on an easel. If you require an easel, we can provide that as well.

Our Event Seating Chart Design and Printing service aims to add an element of sophistication to the logistical aspects of your event. More than just a guide for your guests to find their seats, the seating chart becomes an integral part of your event’s decor, enhancing the overall ambiance and atmosphere.

With this service, you can place your trust in us to create a seating chart that is not only informative but also in perfect alignment with your event’s unique style.

Easel is a separate hire.

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