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Light Up RGB Table Numbers

Our captivating Light up RGB Table Numbers are designed to infuse a burst of vibrant colour and flair into your table centrepieces. Available in an astounding selection of 16 colours, these mesmerising table numbers will perfectly match your event’s theme or decor.

Crafted with innovative LED technology, these table numbers emit a captivating glow that enhances the ambiance of any setting. These light-up table numbers add a touch of modern sophistication and elegance to your special occasion.

Standing at approximately 14cm tall, each table number serves as a statement piece, drawing attention and admiration from your guests. The contemporary design of the Light up RGB Table Numbers seamlessly blends with any table centrepiece, making it a versatile and stylish addition to your event decor.

The range of colours available allows you to create dynamic and eye-catching arrangements, elevating the overall aesthetic of your celebration. With the freedom to choose from 16 vibrant hues, you can effortlessly match your theme or create delightful visual contrasts for an unforgettable effect.

Perfect for weddings, corporate events, or any occasion where table centrepieces play a significant role, these Light up RGB Table Numbers add a unique and memorable touch to your decor. Numbers 1 to 30 are available, providing you with the flexibility and convenience to cater to events of all sizes.