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Christmas Tealights

Christmas tealights can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your decor, especially as a Christmas centrepiece. Not only do these little candles add a festive touch to any room, but they also create a cozy and intimate ambience that is perfect for the holiday season.

Using Christmas tealights as a centrepiece is a simple yet effective way to decorate your holiday table. You can arrange them in various ways, such as by placing them in a tray or between floral arrangements or by using a lantern. Mix and match different runners and charger plate colours to create a unique and personalised display.

One of the benefits of using Christmas tealights as a centrepiece is their versatility. They can be used in various settings, from formal dinner parties to casual gatherings with friends and family. Additionally, their small size makes them easy to move around, so you can switch up the display as often as you like.

Another advantage of using Christmas tealights as a centrepiece is the warm and cozy glow they provide. This soft and flickering light creates a relaxing and welcoming ambience, perfect for enjoying the company of loved ones during the holidays. The gentle fragrance from the scented tealights can also add a delightful touch to the atmosphere.

Hire is per tealight; we can add satin runners and other table decor. Just ask your consultant!