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Clear Tealight

Clear tealight holders are an elegant and versatile addition to any centrepiece. Measuring 6cm tall and including a long-lasting 8-hour tealight candle, they are a perfect way to add a touch of warmth and glow to any event or occasion.

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner, a wedding reception, or a simple gathering of friends, clear tealight holders can help set the mood and create a welcoming atmosphere. Their neutral colour and simple design make them easy to pair with any decor or theme, from classic and traditional to modern and minimalist.

Clear tealight holders can be used on their own or combined with other elements to create a more elaborate centrepiece. For a rustic look, try pairing them with burlap or twine accents, or for a more glamorous feel, add some metallic or crystal embellishments. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, clear tealight holders are also practical and easy to use. Simply place the tealight candle inside the holder and light it to enjoy hours of soft, flickering light. Their compact size and lightweight design also make them easy to transport and store, so you can use them again and again for all your future events.

Overall, clear tealight holders are a simple yet elegant way to add warmth and ambience to any event or occasion. With their versatility and ease of use, they are sure to become a staple in your event planning toolkit.