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Satin Round Tablecloth

Our 2.8m Satin Round Tablecloths symbolise timeless style and immediately inject elegance into any event. They are the perfect choice for adorning bridal tables, king’s tables, corporate gatherings, or themed events, seamlessly adding a touch of sophistication to your event’s decor.

Our range of seven classic colours includes Black, Gold, Silver, Navy Blue, Red, Light Pink, Purple and Rose Gold, giving you the flexibility to match your chosen theme perfectly. These Satin Round Tablecloths are specially designed to effortlessly fit 1.8m round banquet tables, providing a neat and polished appearance that transforms your tables into an elegant focal point. They can also be used on tall cocktail tables to decorate your pre-function space as well.

Our 2.8m Satin Round Tablecloths are the epitome of style and a quick way to infuse elegance into your event. By selecting the right colour to align with your theme and paying attention to the finer details of your table decor, you can create a sophisticated and visually captivating setting that’s certain to impress and leave a lasting impression on your guests. These tablecloths are a simple yet effective way to elevate your event’s ambience and create a memorable atmosphere.

Note: Candle wax damage surcharges apply.
Note: 2.3m/ 90inch are ideal for overlays and will need to be placed on a plain white or black tablecloth.

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Black, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Light Pink, Navy Blue, Red, Purple

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