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The World Of Men & Colours

Men and Colours Man WTF Confused

When I speak to clients about their colour scheme, one of the more common issues we face when discussing colours is that the bride will be at the ball, but the groom will not have a clue what turquoise, grape or cayenne are. There is a couple of reason for this (and how to work around them). Today we will be discussing the mysterious world of Men & Colours.

The World Of Men & Colours

Men Are More Visual

The simple fact is that men are visual, which means that we need to SEE it to understand it. Compared to women who are statistically more auditory. As a man, I know what the colour blue looks like but I don’t see it when you say “Imagine the powder blue bow tie on the black tux”, I understand what you mean but I cannot picture it no matter how hard I try.

Men and Colours Man WTF Confused
Men and women think differently

The solution for this is very simple and will save many arguments or the “he just said yes because he didn’t understand”. It is much easier for me to go down to a shop and see what they look like, or go online to do an image search to get an understanding.

The X Factor

The other issue is that men do not see the wide variety of tones that women do. When I was getting married, my now-wife and I were choosing our wedding theme and colours. She presented me with a few colour options such as plum, salmon and teal. As a typical male, I sat there, scratched my head and said: “What kind of colours are those?”. 

She showed me a colour chart, and I said: “Ahh Purple, pink and blue”. She shook her head and said, “No, they are plum, salmon and teal”. Both sexes, are very different and can lead to arguments.

The simple fact is that the male brain is wired differently to females and our perceptions of colours are vastly different. While men and women see the same spectrum of colours, men generally clump that spectrum into roughly seven colours. However, women, on the other hand, will see upwards of 20 different colours.

Without getting too technical here is a simple science lesson, the reason for this is purely in regards to genetics.


The X chromosome allows us to perceive the colour red and women have 2 of them. As a result, women are able to see more tones of red and distinguish between them better. Men have an X and Y chromosome and as a result, while we can see red, just not as articulate as a woman’s eye. As a result, across the spectrum, colours are more clumped together in a male’s brain.

How To Find Out Your Future Husbands Favourite Colour

So how do you find out your husband’s favourite colour? Do not fret there is a simple solution. While men might mentally group colours more so than women, we are still able to see the same colours. After a slightly colourful argument with my fiancée (pun intended), she asked me what colour I like, and I replied ‘Green’.

I went to the fridge and pulled out a beer, pointed to it and said “This green”. With a sigh of relief, she replied “emerald green”. After that, it was plain sailing from that point onward. If you are having any issues trying to find the right colour with him, ask him to show you. Ask for an example in the house, online or when you are out and about. Just don’t throw 1,000 colour pallets at him and overload him (that’s a topic for next time).

While these techniques seem very simple, they will save you from having arguments and understanding how to use these techniques for men & colours to keep everything easy and smooth.

Check out the video below about planning with your partner, which is part of our vlog series on wedding planning. Check out the link about planning with your partner on YouTube.

When you decide to give Pink Caviar Events a call, and we start to discuss options with your husband, rest assured we know how to articulate exactly what you want while also communicating to your future husband in a way he understands. This leads to your ideal wedding, and you are both on the same page. Contact us today to see how we can bring wedding planning harmony to you and your man.

Men & Colours – Your Man Your Way With Him

The above advice was about men in general on how they operate and see the world. Your man is unique, and you know him best (hence why you are marrying him.

If you have a technique that works then stick with it, but if there are some ideas up above that may help them feel free to add it to your repertoire. What is great about this advice is that it will help you long into your marriage and create better harmony as you can understand him a little better.

Do you have any tips/advice we did not mention? Do you think you could incorporate some of these ideas with your man? Let us know down below and join the discussion 🙂

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