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Corporate Photo Booths – What To Look For

If you require a photo booth for your next corporate event, you can’t just hire any old photo booth. Each type of photo booth is different and will have specific features that can add value to your function or promotion/brand awareness. Let’s take a look at what to look for in photo booths for your […]

Corporate Party Entertainment Options – Top 6 Ideas

Not all parties/events are the same, and the same goes for corporate events. Therefore it goes without saying that the entertainment options/idea at a corporate event would be different from a birthday, wedding and so on.  You may suprised to find out what is avalibale and the amazing broad range of options avaliable. If you […]

What The Heck Is A Hucks Party?

What is a hucks party you may be asking? You may be thinking that your eye’s are playing tricks on you and you are thinking of a buck’s party but you would be wrong. A huck’s is a combination between a bucks party and a hens night (hence hucks party). They have been around for […]

Entertainment Options – We Have You Covered With An Entertainment Photo Booth

Sometimes wedding guests are a group of well-dressed people who don’t know each other very well. It can also be people who aren’t sure how to start a conversation. There are many ways to break the ice and bring groups of people together, so they are comfortable talking and enjoying the evening. There are many […]