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Cylinder Vases with Floating Candles and Petals

Create a captivating and romantically infused ambiance with our Cylinder Vases with Floating Candles and Petals. Immerse your event in the soft, mesmerising glow of candlelight while the delicate grace of artificial flower petals (offered in red, white, or ivory options) adds a touch of ethereal beauty, leaving an indelible impression on your special occasion.

Enhance your chosen setting by selecting a table runner colour that seamlessly harmonises with your event’s décor. This allows you to curate the desired atmosphere, whether you seek a classic and formal ambiance or a whimsically romantic one.

This adaptable design opens the door to boundless styling possibilities, rendering it a perfect choice for weddings, receptions, or any unique gathering. The Cylinder Vases with Floating Candles and Petals centrepiece introduces an air of elegance and romance into any space. Thoughtfully composed, this arrangement captures the enchanting interplay between the flickering candlelight and the graceful presence of artificial petals.

Experience a transformation of your event space into a haven of sophistication and serenity through our Cylinder Vases with Floating Candles and Petals. Permit the gentle, flickering candlelight and the delicate allure of flower petals to craft a captivating ambiance, etching a memory treasured by all those in attendance.

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