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Hurricane Vase with LED Pillar and Baubles

Our beautiful Hurricane Vase with LED Pillar and Baubles centrepiece is sure to breathe life into any table. This captivating addition exudes timeless charm, combining the warm glow of a LED Pillar Candle with the festive allure of beautifully crafted baubles, creating an enchanting atmosphere for your event.

The Hurricane Vase, a symbol of elegance and sophistication, cradles a mesmerising LED Pillar Candle, providing a soft and inviting glow that replicates the warmth of real candlelight without any safety concerns.

To add a touch of festive cheer and magic, our centrepiece offers your choice of bauble colour, available on a red or gold base. Whether you prefer the classic charm of red or the opulence of gold, these baubles infuse your display with joyful elegance.

Please note that while our centerpiece includes an LED Pillar Candle, opting for a real wax candle incurs an additional charge. However, the ambience created by the LED Pillar Candle is so enchanting that you won’t miss the traditional candle’s flicker.

Embrace the beauty and versatility of our Hurricane Vase with LED Pillar and Baubles centrepiece, perfect for weddings or holiday gatherings. Witness as it effortlessly becomes the centerpiece of attention, elevating your event’s decor and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.