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Sequin Backdrop

Add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your special event with our Sequin Backdrop. This versatile and elegant backdrop serves as the perfect canvas to elevate your event space, whether it’s placed gracefully behind the bridal table, adding a touch of luxury to a dessert table, or transforming any wall into a captivating focal point. You have the choice of seven enchanting colours, including champagne gold, black, silver, purple, red, blue, and rose gold, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the backdrop into your event’s colour scheme, creating a harmonious and visually striking atmosphere.

Customising the Sequin Backdrop to suit your venue is effortless, as it is available in either 3m or 6m widths. Simply specify the desired length to perfectly accommodate your space. The backdrop’s height is also adjustable, catering to heights ranging from 1.8m to 3m tall, ensuring it seamlessly fits into your event space. As an added convenience, your hire includes a sturdy frame, simplifying the setup process and guaranteeing a secure installation.

It’s important to note that our Sequin Backdrop is primarily designed for aesthetic enhancement rather than complete block-out. Nevertheless, they are certain to introduce a touch of elegance and sparkle to your event, creating a captivating visual display that will make your occasion truly unforgettable. With the Sequin Backdrop, you have the opportunity to craft a memorable and luxurious event that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

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Champagne Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Rose Gold


3m, 6m

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